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  1. Well, the trip to Prescott Valley was a success.

    Big 5 had jack squat, which is surprising. Their guns were mismatched numbers, etc. It could be I was at the end of the line, so to speak.

    But, my stop at Prescott Valley Guns resulted in obtaining a little brother Swede for my big girl.

    Numbers match...barrel rating is '1'. It has some dings in the stock but the bolt, receiver, missing sling, missing flash suppressor etc. but other wise he's in great shape!

    The first pic I'm attaching is the first Swede I got.....she's my girl.

    The second is the one I got today.

    Please pardon the photos as my digital doesn't have a wide angle lens.

    Those who don't have one need to scarf one up soon. Monte said he has had only a few chances to get these and he says he sells them for price plus shipping hoping to get a few bucks on ammo, etc. Knowing him as well as I do I know he's not BSing.

    To tell the truth I paid $229 for this one (higher than I paid for my great conditioned girl I bought about 5 months ago). I know that might seem a bit expensive to some but for a Swede around here it's a buy.....fer sure.....yepper.

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  2. The first attempt to attach a photo didn't take....not sure why......but, let's try again:

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  3. Now, the one I got today........

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  4. PAPA G

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    MIGHTY NICE........

    sure as heck did good on it!!! i'm salivating over it!!!;)

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Dale; I just got my first Swede yesterday also.
  6. That's great, Pha!

    If your's shoot high...and I'll guess it will, and if your interested, you can buy over sized front blank sights from


    I do think you'll enjoy it's smoothness.
  7. jerry

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    Nice gun. You know, those tomato plants might grow if you get them out of the rocks. also, grass in AZ? are you some sort of vigilante outlaw? :D
  8. Grass (the turf-lawn type) is about the only thing I don't kill.

    Wife said, if nothing else, she wanted a yard.....so, that sweet loving woman got one.

    And, heck yes I'm an outlaw. I had 28 years of learning from the best. Close friends refer to me as El lobo loco (the crazy wolf). I had that moniker when I was on the department....some thug gave it to me but can't remember why.
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  9. Big Dog

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    Nice pair!

    That's a gorgeous pair of Swedish girls. I like the blonde best!
  10. Dale did you name her "Babito" Does that mean baby girl??
    Hope she's a good long range shooter. Had a 38, sportirzed it. Bedded the action and gave it to my # 2 son for 18 th b-day. Gezzz, it got 1/2 groups after bedding and recrowning. When it was in the military stock it grouped inconsistant. Ammo is not as cheap or plentiful as it use to be.
    Going to try some 160 grain round nose handload bullets in it.
  11. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    The first one looks just like the one I had back in the 80's that I bought at Woolworths for $69.00. Like an idiot I traded it off for a c.b. base station, antenna and a 12 tube Phantom kicker (700 watts). The base station was fun but I still regret getting rid of "Inga"! :(
  12. Jack, Babito, the boy, is the second and newest one I got Sunday.

    I've not had the chance to shoot him yet but, if he is anything like his sister was he'll shoot about a yard high at 100 yards.

    Babita, the first one is truly my girl. She shot high too until I replaced the front sight and I'm not exxagerating when I say it has to be the most accurate bolt action I have ever owned.

    I read an article on another site last night, in fact, that said the Swedes had three lots of firearms to sell over the years. They have now sold all three lots; the last this year so it appears they will start disappearing soon.

    I just hope some nice guys like us give them good homes and don't abuse them.
  13. R. Cooper

    R. Cooper Guest

    Dale, very nice rifles, both of them! I REALLY just have to have one. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can find a dealer in my area (southwest La. but I'm not afraid to travel too far)? I don't have an FFL.
  14. lefty o

    lefty o G&G Evangelist

    r. cooper hey break out the phone book-start calling all the gunshops in your area. if you get your hands on one in decent shape you'll love it- great guns!
  15. R. Cooper,

    If you have a problem finding a Swede, and are still interested, I can call Prescott Valley Guns and ask them who their source is.

    That way you can contact a local store and they can persue it from that direction.

    Just let me know...fer sure.
  16. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Evangelist

    Dale, those Swedes are great-looking adoptions! What year are they? The blonde looks to be in really good shape, but, then again, what Swede doesn't?
    My favorite Swede is 102 years old, but will still dance with the best of 'em. Had a few of them in the past ten years, and regret selling the ones I sold. Oh, well, Samco still has some left and I am just waiting for my OT check to buy another one very soon.
  17. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    What kina tomatos do ya grow out there Dale?
  18. Calvin,

    The blonde one is the oldest...1925. The newest one is only a 1948.

    1*.....I have Big Boy and Early Girl tomatoes in. I got them in about two weeks too late but I have tomatoes from the Big Boys....Early Girls are in full blossom.
  19. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    Roger that...same breeds out here....Good shooting!
  20. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Evangelist

    Okay, got my OT check and adopted a 1915 CG. The disc says a 1 for pitting/rust and 6.50 for the bore diameter. She's a beauty. Gonna take her out this next week to see what she'll do.
    I also picked up some ammo from SAMCO at the same time. It's 139 grain ball ammo on stripper clips. Cannot wait to take her out next week. I'm gonna take the '01 with me to compare. IF I can get my digital camera back, I will take some pics of them.

    The prices on the Swedes are going up again, and SAMCO said they are scraping the bottom of the barrel on them. I may end up ordering a barreled action from them, too. I remember a few years ago when a company was selling sporterized Swedes for about $390. They were really nice, too. They had a Ramline stock, the barrel was cut back to 24 inches and recrowned, the bolt handles turned down, and a Simmons 4-12x40 scope mounted on top. The guy at the gun store who was selling them took one out one day to see what they would do, and I was extremely surprised at the groups he got at 200 yard with it. 5 shots into a cluster 1-1/4". I went back to the store to get one about 2 weeks later, and they were sold out and unable to get any more. I think I may try my hand at converting one.:)