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ok so a new member marv

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by marv d, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. marv d

    marv d G&G Newbie

    im looking for info on a vice for a 30/40 rifle to build I have made a barrel vice so now a vice for a reciver it is a different shape and not sure how to get there thanks for all help
  2. runfiverun

    runfiverun G&G Evangelist

    Emmett huh?
    welcome from Soda.

    I assume this is for the Krag Jorgenson rifle.
    I'm not up on them.
    but I vaguely recall something about them needing an undercut on the barrel before it can be unscrewed.
    I'm not 100% on that particular rifle.

  3. grizcty

    grizcty God, Guns, Glory Forum Contributor

    Welcome to G&G from Alaska.
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  4. Stickman

    Stickman Less well known member Forum Contributor

    Welcome from next door in eastern Washington.
  5. Junction15

    Junction15 G&G Evangelist

    Welcome from Maine
  6. Kmcdowell

    Kmcdowell G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Omaha NE
    A warm welcome from Eastern Nebraska. I'm sure you can find someone on this forum with the experience to help you with your question.
  7. neophyte

    neophyte Wonderment :) Forum Contributor

    marv d: Sir, another NC Welcome
  8. Cyrano

    Cyrano Resident Curmudgeon Forum Contributor

    New York
    Welcome to the Forum from the Peoples Democratic Republic of New York.
  9. Welcome to G&G !................
  10. jwrauch

    jwrauch G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

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  11. Wicked109

    Wicked109 G&G Evangelist

    Marv D, Welcome from Ohio.
  12. Jay

    Jay Old man, No tact... Staff Member

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  13. marv d

    marv d G&G Newbie

    just to say thanks for the welcoming I like the no beligerent attitude of my responders
  14. marv d

    marv d G&G Newbie

    I am still looking for 30/40 kragg parts
  15. my1871colt45

    my1871colt45 G&G Evangelist

  16. jerry

    jerry Since 2002 Forum Contributor