Ok so what's your favorite camping hatchet?

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  1. I'd love to see some pics too guys.
    I personally have the mini-hatchet made by wetterling. It's hand forged steel with a hickory handle.
    I know some of you guys will bring up something like a gerber or such. But I personally am not to in favor of them. Sure they might be light, and they might not rust, but you can't get as good of an edge on it as mine, or your steel just isn't as hard.
    just my 2 cents
    So what's yours?
  2. 99dragon99

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    Here is mine. We pretty much have the same taste... This is a hand forged hatchet from Gränsfors Bruk. It's a Swedish company. My hatchet was forged by Mattias Mattsson.

    I carved the things in the picture with the hatchet, a couple of swizzle sticks for the hot chocolate and some wooden grips for the rope.

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  3. cuzican

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    I don't usually take a hatchet camping. I have a nice double bit axe with a handle that is a foot shorter than a full size axe handle. I need to split firewood, don't really know what I would use a hatchet for. I'm guessimg you fellers probably have a good use for them though.
  4. Dragunov

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    I usually carry a full sized, single bit woodsmans axe. I do have a couple of half sized axes though.
  5. Dutch

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    I am a big fan of the Fiskars tools. I have a hatchet, a splitting maul, and their axe. Lightweight, incredibly sharp, holds an edge better then anything else I have seen, and their handles are very durable.


    I generally take the axe and hatchet camping. If I am backpacking, just the hatchet. I have used it to cut up deadfall and branches with good success.
  6. SwedeSteve

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    You made me laugh 99 !! I thought no one else had ever heard of Gransfor Bruks !! You have one forged by MM. Mine is forged by a relative, Joakin Eriksson (JE) !!
  7. Big Dog

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    After trying several different types and styles of hatchets, I settled on the Marbles' Safety Hatchet. Mine is new production, and cost me $25 at a local gunshow. The blade protector makes it safe to carry in a pack or motorcycle side bag.

    Marbles Safety Hatchet No 5 that is in excellent condition
  8. SwedeSteve

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    Very interesting BD !!
  9. I never owned a hatchet, I either take a good bowsaw or a full sized single-bit axe camping,
    I always wanted a tomahawk tho, just for sheets and giggles...been looking at the SOG ''viet-nam'' 'hawk
  10. chesterwin

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    I use a Vaughn 22 oz. long handled half hatchet. The straight edge on the blade works well for me and the hammer head on the back of the blade comes in handy for numerous tasks. I have several full size and camp size axes for use around the house and the hunting leases, including a full size ax I cut the handle down to 14 inches on and use frequently for kindling at home. Most of the axes I have were acquired as the head only at yard sales and antique shops and I put new handles in em... I guess some might be older than I am! LOL!

    Here's a photo of the standard handle half hatchet. I couldn't find a picture of the longer handle version but they have both at our local Home Depot. http://www.google.com/products/cata...og_result&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CDEQ8wIwAg#
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  11. rockman7

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  12. SwedeSteve

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    Ghil Hibben as opposed to centuries old swedish forged ?? Really ??
  13. but you can THROW it! :) c'mon! that gives it at LEAST 100 bonus points! LMAO
  14. I chose it because of its weight and flatness. It fits right in my flat map compartment on my BOB.
    I also have a survival chain saw for cutting wood because it makes saw dust [fire tinder] too. I the hole in the middle will pull nails, also. I'll blue it, so it isn't so shiny and wrap the handle in para-cord for better grip. As for throwing, I can do that too. Gil Hibbons is a fifth degree in Kenpo, and made Rambo's knife, and many for our armed service men. It's good steel.
  15. SwedeSteve

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    When I was stationed at FT Beginning I bought the exact same Rambo Knife by Gill Hibbons to the tune of $300+ bucks ($375 if I remember correctly). I used/abused it for many years, and handed it down to my son. It was a BEAR to sharpen but held an edge forever !! It use to slice through WD-1 wire like it was string !! Some of my Joe's asked me why I carried it in the field, so I took it out and stabbed it through a wall locker I was DX'ing. Enough said !!
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  16. ka5siw

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    Gerber and Estwing

    Either Gerber and Estwing are the hatchets I carry. In 30+ years of camping and hunting neither have failed me. I also use Track of the Wold throwing hawks. My friend uses a hatchet to clean fish. Looks kind'a funny but works fast. The Gerber hatchet will rust like other low carbon steel.
    Enjoy camping, Jim
  17. Purdy

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    If not my Granfors Hunters Axe, then I take a Pulaski. Very useful around camp for smoothing out a tent site.
  18. well 3 months later and I now own a hatchet LOL

    I guess this would be my ''favorite'' since I ownly have the 1..

    Fiskars x7 (made in Finland)
    I added the paracord wrap and lanyard.