Ok this is for the Conspericy theory types

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    I found this on an Urban Legend web site...not my design...Ill cut and past it....makes one think. You can try this on your own or trust the Jpg Im attaching.....This is an URBAN LEGEND I did not design this this is posted to make people think and NOT offend anyone....

    Useing Word for Windows or the Note pad that came with Windows.

    Type the following in all capatal letters : NYC and Q33NY.

    Nyc of course is New York City and Q33NY is alledgely one of the airplane flight numbers that hit the world trade center.

    Set the Font to Wingding and Size to 48.

    This is from the URBAN LEDGEND WEB SIGHT….Did Microsoft Word predict the Sept. 11th Events?

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    Well, this NYC stuff started because a whacko group decided that the layout of the WingDing symbol font proved that Bill Gates wanted to kill all the Jews in New York. I seem to recall a press release where someone was claiming that WingDings was a secret code that you could only get access to if you belonged to the conspiracy. Anyone who looks at the character set can see that there is no hidden message. It is only coincidence that the Star of David and poison symbols correspond to the ASCII codes for Y and N. The Q33NY, does not seem to match any of the flight numbers or other aircraft identification codes. I think it is totally made up. It does make a scary picture though.