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Old .22 rifle:

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by hooker, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. Many years ago I got in a gun trade a short rifle in .22 rimfire caliber. It is a rolling block action, a very short gun, I think they called them boys rifles, or parlor guns back then. Anyhow it has this on it:-bottom tang has R O 857, upper left side of receiver has PALMETTO. Under side of receiver has a takedown screw, with a ring through it. It has crude open sights, a simple leaf notch rear, drift adjustable, and a small post front, drift adjustable. Appears to have walnut stock. The forend is held on by a screw going through mounted to a barrel stud. This rifle still shoots. Any of you have an idea when and where it was made? Thanks.
  2. Hock Dollarday

    Hock Dollarday G&G Newbie

    Old 22 rifle

    Howdy Hooker,
    The description you give puts that rifle in the same design and features of the Stevens # 14 1/2. I suspect that it is a contract rifle for some wholesaler or hardware store that had Stevens put their trade name on it. This was quite common in the days of those rifles. Most of them were made from around 1910 until about 1940. I don`t find anything in my ref. books with the Palmetto tradename.
    Hope this sheds a little light on it. :cool:

  3. Appreciate the info Hock. I can't find out anything about that rifle, all I know is it is a old one.