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Old and the new

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Charly B, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. I received my CMP-SA dane mit VAR Thursday, one day
    short of a month from order. It is in excllent condition
    except for the stock which ended up being cleaned w/
    "Renewz" (akin to oven-off) after every thing else failed.
    This stuff is very hard on the wood. The SN make's it 1942,
    & barrel 1969. So on with the story, Last week my new
    SA Inc. Garand came in, SN-7100xxx. It is a nice rifle but
    they don't make them like they use to (they don't even
    install the front handguard spacer-susposly affects accuracy ).
    even the CMP booklet,shipping box & key lock are all better.
    For the money go CMP
  2. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    CMP is deffinately the way to go. If the hand guards are tight they will bind on barrel and shot group will go all over as the barrel heats and cools. You need to trim the back by receiver on guard and leave the front loose. There are more dramatic wasy but only if you are match shooting I would say. Rick B

  3. Armorer

    Armorer Guest

    Hey Stocker Doctor,

    how about this new fangaled composite stock?


    Glass bed?
  4. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    No Clue only worked with real wood. I guess you can be the first to experiment and let us know. What did you want to do with that stock you have? I didn't see any answer on the other post. Hang on to it untill you are sure you dont need it. I can work wonders on it I bet. Rick B
  5. Armorer

    Armorer Guest

    Mail it to you.

    PM me and we will make arrangements.

    I'm waiting on my composite, then I'll take down Old woodie one last time.
  6. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    Will do sir will get it all figured out down the road. Rick B
  7. hey stock doc, there is another 7million serial numbered garand. charley b. does the reciever have a "circled T" behind the Springfield Armory ? or is it a 700,000 number??????
  8. No circled T',from the headspace certificate it was assembled
    mar. this year