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    I have two old flintlocks. One is a rifle. On top of the barrel is engraved : Franz:Losos:in: Bechin. There is also the number 3 on the top and there is a silver shield on the neck of the butt with a P on it. It is a beautiful gun with a bone collar at the muzzle and a very nicely carved stock. The second gun is a small pistol. Lots of "squiggly" engraving on the side and on the trigger guard. On one side is engraved "STRAND LONDON' and on the otherside is"JOHN RICHARD".
    Can anyone tell me anything about either of these guns?
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    You have a subject hard to enter into.The local watch maker or blacksmith could very well have been a firearms manufacturer.Some (usually the ones like yours with names embossed on them) have been documented and some we never get documentation but the locks were usually MFG,d by a company and that alone may lead to value/documentation.Different things like the stock might be blanked out a certain way may set value/documentation.There are several good books.(some of those could use some documentation) This may help. ,,,Hard to identify or value firearms

  3. How about some photographs? It helps to put a yardstick in the photo, too. This helps with relative size of the parts. Measurement of the bore, rifled or not, etc., are all helpful in determining what you have.
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    John Richard was a well-known English gun maker, if you are really into the makers of that period it's a specialty of it's own. A few of his examples have been sold at the Christies auction in England.

    As Samuel stated this is a very specific era of firearms, I would have each professionally appraised.
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