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Old folks tales

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by apothacary, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. apothacary

    apothacary G&G Newbie

    My great Uncle has told me how underpowered(useless) the m1 carbine was in combat. I have just gotten one for myself, and now I understand why. It is fun to fire, but in a life or death situation, throwing the pieces would have more of an effect:)
  2. throwing the pieces?? at what range??? the Carbine was ONLY a medium powered weapon.. BUT!!!! at 1900fps THAT is nothing to sneeze at!!!! it was designed originally for the rear echelon troops to use other than the 1911pistol.... also remember!!! the 30carbine is small and light weight, excellent for close in urban work.. and more powerful than a .357mag...........

  3. apothacary

    apothacary G&G Newbie

    What my Uncle was talking about was, He was left with a carbine after his Garand was stolen. He was attacked by a drug crazed Kraut. He emptied a full magazine into the Nazi with no effect. One shot from the trusty .45 sent on to his celestial dirt nap.
  4. Lanny

    Lanny G&G Newbie

    Sounds to me like that .45 had a little .30 Carbine help. Did your uncle hit the guy with the full clip? That sorta sounds amazing, though, I too have heard stories about the little War Baby's shortcomings. I will say this, that carbine can provide grazing fire to keep bad guys' collective heads downs at ranges--300 m.--no .45 pistol is going to. Anyone else have stories to tell; really like to get the dope on my War Baby. Thanks.
  5. militarianut

    militarianut G&G Newbie

    war stories

    Im not sure what my grandfather carried though now that I have the bug I will have to ask him. A guy once told me a story that was like this. He was talkign to a WWII vet who said in the midst of combat he was attacked by a German and preceded to shoot him 3 times in the head. Now this vet thought well he's down for the count. But as he stood the German stood back up and Shot him through the bottom of the head. Blowing off the bottom part of his face. The man is badly disfigured now but. . . . a definet shortcoming. 1 : 3 in knock down power compared to a Mauser.
    - myers
  6. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    I have heard many stories but Audrie Murphy swore by it and look at his military record. The only true complaint I have heard was it has less penetration in heavy winter clothing. As stated above it was to replace the pistol but be light enough for certain troups to carry. Paratroopers fell in love with it because of the easy carrying in a side holster for jumping. Remember it was scary when they turned them full auto. Most opposers hid from full auto fire. I have photo's of German troops carying our M1 Carbine to fight us. They must have grabbed ammo as they found G.I.s dead. I also wouldn't want to be even 300 yards and let you hit me with it. Think about it. Rick B
  7. Lanny

    Lanny G&G Newbie

    From what I've gathered about the .30 Carbine is that it did well in the tropics, but had a spotty service record under artic-like conditions where layers of heavy military clothing/gear were known to turn the little 110-grainer. Given this, I suppose it probably wouldn't do well in Afghanistan. From what I saw in the movie "Blackhawk Down," the way the Somalis chewed that khat (sp?) drug, I don't think the .30 Carbine would have done too well there, either.
  8. Everytime I hear these stories about the lack of power in the M-1 carbine, I want to ask the question compared to what? Most GI's make the comparison of the carbine to the M-1 Garand. At any range the Garand wins. But then the carbine was not designed as a front line "battle rifle" , the army set it's requirements for a small light semiauto carbine to replace the pistol in the hands of truck drivers, cannon cockers etc. These troops would have ordinarily carried the M1911-A1, which takes longer to train troops to shoot accurately than the carbine. The carbine also comes off second best at close range to the 1911, but at intermediate ranges the carbine is superior to the weapon it was designed to replace. I would say that the M-1 carbine does pretty well for a weapon that was designed in about a month. It was the most produced US weapon during WW2.Just remember it is not a Battle rifle, it was not designed for its knockdown power, but as an intermediate rifle that is more accurate than the pistol it does quite well.
  9. nonskeder

    nonskeder G&G Newbie

    I would not hesitate to use one with the Federal 110 grn. soft point round nose load. A good back up boat gun (308 M1A, or Tanker Garand first choice). I know for a fact that the load above will kill deer as I know people who have done it. One shot-down they go. They have killed a lot of wild pigs in Hawaii. Not saying that is the best way to go but I do know that the Carbine can be very deadly in certain situations. Would hate to get hit with one.
  10. MangesMade

    MangesMade G&G Newbie

    David killed a Giant with a Sling Shot and a Rock. Oil Well, I don't think his buddies ran out to buy a Sling Shot to fight the next Giant.
  11. nonskeder

    nonskeder G&G Newbie

    MangesMade: Well put! Like I said-not my first choice but I dont think the 30 cal. Carbine is as lame as portrayed. Most of us will never be a spot to find out. Charles Karwan did a article on the carbine and its effectiveness but cant remember where I saw it. His take on the gun was that it was more than up for the job of defense. I would like to see if there is any information on the cartridge and its roll in police use or other operations and its effectiveness. In other words some real data and not Urban myth legends.