Old Glory first flown in battle

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    I missed this yesterday but it was the 233th anniversary of the Star and Stripes (Betsy Ross Flag) first being flown in battle. On Sept. 3, 1777 at Iron Hill (also called Cooch's Bridge) 100 Continentals under Maj. Gen Maxwell engaged the vanguard of Cornwallis' division firing from behind trees, etc. they finally had to retreat under a British bayonet charge to thier main encampment at White Clay Creek.It was one of many ambush/skirmishes ordered by Washington during the war.
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    Neat History HR.....Thanks.

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    Thanks for the reminder !!
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    Thanks for the step, back in historical time.
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    Thanks for the reminder of how our ancestors, a very mixed bag of folks, stood up to what was considered one of the best armies in the world....
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    New York
    If I had a flagpole here - nowhere to put one, unfortunately; too many trees - I'd spend the money to get a set of significant American flags and fly the appropriate flag on the appropriate day. The school kids that live hereabouts might learn something. I've said before that schools ought to have assemblies to discuss this sort of thing on appropriate days; but that's probably too politically incorrect for school administrations to consider.