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Old Remington 14 Takedown rifle?

Discussion in 'Remington' started by Tami, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. Tami

    Tami G&G Newbie

    How do I get it apart for cleaning? It is supposed to come apart with just the one big knurled screw for cleaning or putting in a suitcase. Is it just stuck? I dont want to force it, I'm sure it should be easy, but it is a really old rifle, it could be stuck. Help....:(
  2. Tami,

    I'm not familiar with that gun but you might want to think of taking to a local gunsmith who could help you out.... probably for only a minor charge, if any at all.

  3. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    I looked around in some old gun books and on the internet,came up with nothing, I'm not familiar with it either. Think Dale's right,for once. hehe.
  4. Tami

    Tami G&G Newbie

    Thanks Guys..I think I'll wait it out. I have requests in a few places.
  5. Tami,
    I have a Model 12 Remington 22rf. Offhand I think the 14 is a larger caliber version of the 12. Mine also has the takedown screw with a protruding knurled head. It goes all the way through the reciever and the bolt end is exposed on the ejection side of the reciever. Put some break free type oil on that bolt end where it come through. Then it is just "righty tighty - lefty loosey". Counter clockways removes the bolt. Don't use any tool that will bugger up the screw head. Mine also has a coin slot in it. Don't use that if it is overly tight.
  6. Tami

    Tami G&G Newbie

    The screw moves easy, but nothing will budge after pulling it out. It wont come apart easily.
  7. My model 12 come right apart after removing the screw. I may have some diagrams some where. I'll take a look and let you know if I find anything.