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My brothe-in-law showed me an old shotgun today I was wondering if any one would have any information about. It is a Hopkins and Allen 12ga (I think) single shot. It is sort of like a lever action that pulls down the firing pin, then you insert the shell, pull the lever back and cock the hammer to shoot. Just wondering about what year this might have been manufactured and what it might be worth. Coul not find any numbers on it at all.
Thanks , Al:confused:

sounds like a Martini action or a falling block

I haven't seen any sell and don't have a current value guide that lists H&A shotguns, I'll venture an opinion. My 1983 guide suggests $45-$50 in Very Good condition and $75-$80 in Excellent - about the same as a Crescent single shot. Since a VG Crescent now retails for about $75 in VG, I'd guess that the H&A will, too.

I could definitely be wrong..I cut and pasted that from a discussion I found on the internet...I haven't been able to find out much more after all they haven't made guns since 1888..which means they used a 2 5/8" shotshell instead of our modern smokeless 2 3/4" shotshells...

btw near as I can figure smokeless is 8 times as powerful as black powder

Hopkins & Allen
Q I found an old shotgun that was his. It is a 16 guage Hopkins & Allen single gauge with the serial number of 0005. It has been sawed off. Can you give me an idea of when it was made and any value of it
A are there any other markings on the gun? H&A made several different single shots. A little company history might help you out though, according to the Blue Book of Gun Values H&A was in operation from 1902(?) to 1914 (?) I put the question marks in because there have been confliction reports although the start up date doesn't vary much so I would date it close to 1902 .
The value of the gun would depend greatly on how long that sawed off barrel is.

Hopkins and Allen

Q A friend of my fathers has an old Hopkins and Allen single barrel shotgun. Bluing is about 20% on the barrel and the receiver looks like it is casehardened. It has a number on the triggerguard/receiver area of S75XX and the same is on the barrel assembly.
Anyone know how old this is and what would be the value?

A .......H&A made 5 different single shot shotguns. The Boxlock models usually are valued around $100 and the Falling Block models (hammer on outside) are valued around $150.

Hopkins and Allen
if it's marked "HOPKINS & ALLEN MANUFG. CO. NORWICH CONN" it's prior to 1896 if it's " Hopkins & Allen Arms company" it's 1902 -1914
Hopkins & Allen Falling Block
Q I have a Hopkins & Allen falling block, take down, single shot, 12ga. My grandfather bought it used in the late 30's for my father.I used it as a kid in the early 60's. I would like to get as much info. on it and Hopkins & Allen as I can as well as value. On another web site someone is selling one thats almost the same and they are asking $795. I believe it is over priced.This is a picture of thiers.
They are almost the same except mine has the take down pin on the right side and has a thumb tang instead of a knob. Condition is good.Most bluing is worn off. Bore has some ware:
Made By The Hopkins & Allen Manfg. Co. Norwich, Conn. U.S.A.
Pat'd June.23.1885
Patent Applied For.
S/N7265 (#'s match )
A H&A produced a "falling block" shotgun in most gauges circa 1887 - early 1900s. Falling Blocks (FBs) in 12 ga. were built on heavy frames with the 20 and 16 gauges sharing a medium frame. Prior to 1902, some FBs were chambered for .45-70 shotshells and, today, these are rare if in good condition. From the 1890s through 1914, 38XL, 44XL shotshell guns were periodically offered in the Junior frame. After 1902, "tip-over" single shotguns were offered in Forehand designs and, later, the Davenport designs.
- lever operated, outside hammer.
Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
$275 $235 $210 $180 $160 $145 $125

info on H&A
Previous manufacturer located in Norwich, CT. H&A started their firearms business in 1867, manufacturing percussion revolvers. Before 1870, they were producing rimfire cartridge guns and eventually centerfire handguns and long guns. Prior to 1896, H&A guns were marked "HOPKINS & ALLEN MANUFG. CO. NORWICH CONN." or other private tradenames, including Merwin, Hulbert & Company. Hopkins & Allen guns are about equally priced with Stevens, N.R. Davis, Crescent Firearms Co., etc. There are many exceptions due to the numerous limited production guns, examples are the AA GRADE double shotgun and the "PARROT BEAK" Derringer. Hopkins & Allen also manufactured firearms which were not described in their catalogs.
Compiled from Hopkins & Allen catalogs by Charles E. Carder.
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