Old soldiers need hugs too.....

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  1. Years ago, due to a disaster, I lost a lot of my belongings and one of the things was my Army Class A uniform.

    I have contemplated 'rebuilding' the uniform but the old Army and Nave stores aren't carrying the insignias, ribbons, chevrons, etc....least wise not around here that I can find.

    Does anyone know of an on-line site that caters to those that want to remember the past? (and no, I don't go back to the Civil War, lol).

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    I thought 1812...lol

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    I don't know the phone #, but just call information and get the number for General Jackson's in Fayetteville, NC (They are definately your best bet since the Cav store went out of business). They have everything you will need...unless you were in WWI. Beautiful little ladies will help you. All you have to do is give them a list of your awards and badges and they'll ship them right out to ya. Most uniforms (Class A) are ment to be taylored. So if you need the uniform, just order your jacket size and waist size, then take it to a taylor. Sorry bro...best I could do on short notice. You should do that tho, I think everybody should be buried in their uniform, with ALL awards.
  4. Danke Eric....appreciate it much.
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    I lost my class A in a fire back in (****) well we won't go into ages now but I was able to find some of the older medles and ribons on eBay of all places, some of the sellers have some some old stuff they don't advertise. Try it. It couldn't hurt.
  6. That's a great idea Colt 45...thanks.