Older mini 14? worth it?

Discussion in 'Ruger' started by nightmare905, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. nightmare905

    nightmare905 G&G Newbie

    For $475 this looks like a steal to me, especially since its a stainless model. However, Ive never owned a mini but have always wanted one, and this seems like a good price. My question is, should I jump on this even though its one of the older models (less accurate, pencil barrel)? Here is a link to it.

    P.S. It also has a wooden top hand guard , which you dont see to often. Does it make it even more worth buying?

    South Florida : Ruger Mini 14 for sale
  2. Well,

    we all have differing views but personally I would just not do it.
    There is just not enough accuracy performance for me to have an interest.

    You will get other views.

  3. jmp8927

    jmp8927 G&G Evangelist

    I say no. Even with the price. The older ones were very inaccurate. From all reports, they were about 4-6MOA from a bench. The newer ones have a heavy barrel that helps accuracy a bit.
  4. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    my blued steel Mini came with a wooden handguard. I bought it new in 1980. the pre-fix on the serial # is 182. it is reliable and accurate enough for hunting. maybe the newer ones have a problem with inaccuracy but I have never had any problems hitting what I shoot at with mine. as long as that rifle is not abused, its not a bad deal. especially if the newer ones really are inaccurate.
  5. don5544

    don5544 G&G Evangelist

    Mini's are great for what they were intended. Ranch rifle, patrol rifle, service rifle.

    You can treat it like an AK and it just keeps going.

    $475 for a used rifle isn't a bargan. If its in good shape go for it. Just be aware that you can beat that price.
  6. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    No, That's enough for an SKS (Significantly more accurate) and a good amount of ammo.
  7. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    sks s were the best deal when they sold for $100. they are good rifles and I have several, but they are not worth what they are going for now. my Mini s are a lot more accurate, lighter and shorter than my sks s.
  8. nightmare905

    nightmare905 G&G Newbie

    Honestly, I would LOVE to get an SKS, but I just dont feel like they are worth for what people are asking for them. It is such a simple, rugged design and cant be beat, but I feel like anything over $250 is too much. I like the saiga series of rifle too, but their mags are so expensive, same with the mini though :( Looks like Im gonna pass on this one, unless anyone else has something else to say that might change my mind. I want to thank all of you anyway.
  9. Rex_Lee

    Rex_Lee G&G Regular

    Sounds like you already made up your mind, for what's it's worth i think you are making the right decision. I had an early 90's Mini14 ranch rifle. I had always wanted one, and really wanted to love it. But it was horribly inaccurate, and in a lightweight cartridge like the .223, accuracy and velocity is really all it has going for it. That and it was really finicky with large capacity magazines. I sold it for about what you would have paid for that one, and kept my SKS which consistently outshot it anyway. That's my experience with one.
  10. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    Ruger must have put out a bad batch of Mini s. it seems to me that there is a period of years where they were in accurate. from what I can gather, the older ones (like mine) and the new thicker barrel ones are ok. if it could be narrowed down to a serial # range we would know which ones to avoid.
  11. nightmare905

    nightmare905 G&G Newbie

    Ive heard pretty much all the minis before the 580 series were inaccurate but Im not completely sure, Ive also heard getting one of those harmonics bar on the pencil barrel versions improves accuracy by 50-75%, but I would be nice to have an accurate rifle out of the box

    Im now searching for a good SKS. Can any of you guys tell me what would be a fair price to pay at the moment for a norinco, yugo, and russian individually?

    Classic arms has some decent looking yugos for $300 but is that a good price or no? Considering there will be shipping and FFL fees after that?

    This is quite random also, but some guy locally is selling a polytech (not MAK90) AK for $700, should I jump on THAT? Its not in original configuration though.
  12. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    $700 for an AK...that's outlandish...no, no ,no.
    You act like you need to jump on something too quick. Relax and shop around for what you really want at the price you can afford. You jump too fast and you can loose out (get burned) big time.
  13. nightmare905

    nightmare905 G&G Newbie

    I only asked because polytechs go for $1000-2500 on gunbroker :S, and yeah I think Im just gonna sit around on my cash for a while. Thanks for the help fellas.
  14. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    It seems that most of the advice on both mini 14 and SKS is from people that havn't or don't own either.I own four of what I guess are the older style Mini 14,s and they have served me well.One,I made 52 straight one shot kills on woodchuck from 25 to 300+yds using a 4X12 scope before finally missing.All are decent in accuracy.While I would think $475 was steep,I think you could possibly get that much good out of one.(I really wouldn't go over about $300 to $375 depending on condition and what I got with it.But it wouldn't be accuracy that worried me.Any of mine will shoot better than the ones on here can shoot that are saying they are inaccurate.I have three SKS,s and in todays market they are over $2oo but none will come close to the Mini 14 accuracy. ,,,sam.
  15. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    Not necessarily true Sam... I do respect your opinions and find 90% of your advice at the top, the very top. With that said, I DID own a Mini I bought in either 79 or 80. I don't remember exactly when. It was a POS for accuracy. It was so bad that after I clamped it in a vise, it fired a whopping 12" MOA at 100 yds. Just so you know, I was shooting F class and a renound marksman where I come from. If I could see it, I could and still can hit it.
    I tried to get Ruger to replace it and they told me that they'd fix it. I sent it back and when I got it back again, it didn't shoot any better and they wouldn't replace it so I sold it.

    I put more lead down range on a weekly basis than most people do in a year. I teach people to shoot. I get paid for it. I train military. I get paid for it.

    I'm on Unkey Sams payroll because I'm very good at what I do. People pay me to teach them to shoot because I'm very good at what I do.

    If the guy wants to spend his money on a Mini, that's up to him. The fact is, they're a crap shoot and a dicey one at that. I've seen them and shot them (Minis) that were accurate enough, most I've shot, weren't. I'm not starting a pissing contest with you, but you should be mindful of presumptions. I think you have more class than that. :)
  16. sniper762

    sniper762 G&G Enthusiast

    mini-14 is a fine rifle, not all that acurate but it can be modified with a bull barrel and get 1moa acuracy.
  17. kwg020

    kwg020 G&G Newbie

    NO. $475 is too much. You can get a new Mini 14 at Walmart for $620 and it has the better barrel. Get a 580 or 581 series Mini. kwg