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    AR15.com is saying that Olofson received 30 months jail and 2 years probation.

    For those of you who havent followed this case here are some basic facts.

    Olofson is a career soldier with no criminal history. He was convicted of "Transferring an illegal machine gun" by a jury. He loaned out an old ar-15 to someone who took it to a range and fired it. After several trips and several hundred rounds the gun malfunctioned. Malfunction is most probably hammer follow. This is a known problem with early Olympic Arms ARs and is the reason for a recall on them to replace M-16 parts in the bolt and carrier group that were installed in the factory. After malfunctioning and firing a 2-3 round burst the gun jammed, the guy cleared the jam and continued to shoot when it malfunctioned again and jammed. The range called the police, the BATF got involved and tested the gun. The first test came back "not a machine gun". The agent in charge sent the gun back for further testing with instruction to test it with civilian soft primer ammo. The result "machine gun". Charges were brought and during the trial BATF and DA refused to allow into the trial the fact that the M-16 parts were factory installed. They claimed the paperwork that showed that information was "private tax information" so the judge tossed it. They then argued to the jury that Olofson knowingly installed those parts with the intention of creating a machine gun. BATF refused to allow 3rd party inspection of the weapon. Finally they acknowledged that the gun was malfunctioning but that it didnt matter, since the law clearly states that if you pull the trigger and more than one bullet comes out, its a machine gun regardles of whether or not its a malfunction.

    What does this mean for you? I hope you can deduce that.
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    Any semi-auto can conceivably have a cook off. It will be appealed,and beat, since you can't have a nonbiased trial, without all the pertinent information.

  3. He shouldn't have gotten squat. That was and is wrong. I hope they appeal it. Any part can break at any time. Guess we all better watch it now huh?

    Hope it's appealed and beat. It should have never been brought to trial. This guy was an instructor in the National Guard. That should have counted for something. Mainly that should haver been enough to at least give him the benefit of the doubt. Plus, when they took it apart, the part that broke fell out and was visible from what I read.

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    What a shame, this is another example of bias against gun owners
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    Sounds like a ride on a railroad. Appeal will when as long as gets a judge that isn't on the anti-gun wagon. A 3rd party inspection of the firearm certainly is within his right.

    What gets me is the shooting range incident. Why would the range master call BATFE for hearing auto-fire, I see and here full auto fire every time I go to the range here. Hell last time I was there a few weeks ago there was a group of 8 guys with full auto firearms blazing away. At one point they all opened up simultaniously. It souded like a herd of elephants farting.

    Sometimes they are LEOs and sometimes they are civilians. I wonder what else there is to this.
  6. There was a guy here in my home town who was ordering sten gun kits and making working sten guns. He got no time all he had to do is rollover on the people he sold them to. Odd thing was it didn't get any news coverage. The only reason I knew about it is that I worked at the jail at the time. You know one guy he sold one to was on probation he didn't get charged either. The guy that manufactured the stens later was arrested for theft he went on a wild "theft" spree. I've never heard of a theft spree but he invented it. It seems he got it into his head he could do anything short of murder and get away with it. I wonder HOW he got that idea.
  7. I feel for the guy too and i hope in the end he wins !!!
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    About all that you can do is get some kind of fund together to appeal the case. Complaining or getting a petition together or some such would be a waste. I can't think of anything better.
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    Oh man this just gets better and better.

    The judge stated at the sentencing that

    1. His military training made him a dangerous person (UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!) This royally ticks me off. I would love to give this "judge" a piece of my mind. So look out all you military vets, if you go to trial your military service will be used to impugn your character. You are a dangerous person who could snap at any moment and go on a killing spree.

    2. Anyone that carrys a gun is dangerous. Wisconsin has no laws against open carry so Olofson at some point in the past was carrying open and someone reported him and the police charged him with concealed carry violation which was tossed as soon as the court determined he was carrying open. But the judge says because he carrys he is dangerous. UNREAL.

    3. Olofson had at some point emailed the Minutemen, he was a dangerous wacko involved with fringe militia groups.

    Geez, that Olofson guy must be dangerous if he does all that.

    Also on a side note the Judge showed for the first time, how thats possible with evidence disclosure rules I dont know, a supposed letter from the Army reprimanding Olofson for "sharing secrets with terrorists" and "destroying sensitive data" and being AWOL. He did just get an honorable discharge and this is the first he has heard of any of it. He stated he has JAG looking into what this letter is. The B.A.T.F admitted that they didnt get the letter from the Army and that they didnt have confirmation of it, just that they had recovered it from one of Olofson's hard drives. Sounds a little wishy washy to me especially since he received an honorable discharge and an Army Achievement Medal for his computer and data work, AT THE SAME TIME THIS DOCUMENT IS DATED.
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  10. i hope he appeals, wins, and sues the crap out of them
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    According to CNN's Lou Dobbs, the guy who had the gun when it malfunctioned was at a range with a strict ban on full autos. As soon as the burst was heard the police were notified. I don't know what thats about. Things like this add to the list of reasons I shoot in a national forest instead of paying some range for the privilege of using my firearm. (always packing out more then I took in of course).

    I want to know why the NRA is not involved in this case? They have, apparently, been invited/asked but have shown Olofson zero support. This whole trial has been wrong from the first word and our beloved activist group has not stepped up to help.
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    He should've had a better lawyer.
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    Seems the man ran afoul of.....

    1) A range master with his head up his 'third point of contact'.

    2) An out-of-control Federal Agency with an agenda against US gun owners.

    3) An antigun Liberal judge with the same problem as Number One above.

    Hmmm.... lots of 'machineguns' out there... ie. the many Norinco SKS's that triple-tap on soft-primered commercial ammo.
    Heck, my M17S Bushpup will rattle off with 45-grain Winny Varmint ammo - easy fix - I don't shoot that ammo!

    Our range has rules posted against FA firearms being shot. When my buddy shot his MAC-11 here one fine morning (before it got busy), a couple TPD officers were also here - the ONLY thing they wanted to know was, "Can we shoot it!?" :)

    Our range is open to the public, and no range masters - we are 'self policing'. If you are handling the gun safely, we don't care what you shoot. Just be legal and safe!
  14. We need to get the word out on this range owner. I've never wanted to see a range close but this merits it. We need to e-mail him and cut straight to the point. Olympic arms needs to petition the govt for this man's freedom, as we all should this is one judge and procecuter we need to weed out from the ability to harm some one of his stature. That just burns me, man to have this brave soul serve his country only to come back to communism. We support you Olofson!
  15. ATF has been completely out of control for at leat 31 years.
    Although if things work out right some Agents will get jail time and Olofson will get big bucks. Hopefully the judge will get canned too.
    You want to stir a fire? E-mail your Senator or Rep asking for a Congressional hearing including judicial misconduct.

    HARDERTR Guest

    I wonder if there are any more facts that didn't quite fit into the pro-gun agenda....maybe something like:

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Haanstad noted that Olofson had two previous gun-related convictions, including carrying a concealed weapon with his children trick-or-treating. He also noted that Olofson was reprimanded for corrupting Army computers and perhaps providing militia groups access to sensitive information.

    or maybe THIS....

    Kiernicki testified Olofson told him the third position was for automatic firing, but it jammed, court records indicate. He also testified Olofson told him he had fired the weapon on the automatic setting at that same range without a problem, according to the records.

    or how about this.....

    Haanstad said Olofson had provided weapons and ammunition to so many people he couldn't keep track. A search of his home turned up books on converting rifles to fully automatic, and e-mail on his computer showed he bought M-16 parts, records show.

    GOD forbid the government actually do their job and dig below the surface to find some truth. Maybe THIS is why your NRA isn't involved.

    I hope he gets fried.....he gives the "military" and gun owners a bad reputation.
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    crap, what fantasy land are you living in? Not the USofA, that's for sure.
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    Yes I wonder given that according to the ACTUAL court documents there was no mention of 2 gun convictions. There was one incident where he was openly carrying a loaded firearm, someone freaked out and called the police who took the gun and questioned him. They later returned the gun and dismissed the charges upon learning that it is LEGAL to open carry in that state. This is the "Halloween trick or treat" incident you mention. There has never been any mention of a second conviction except by the prosecutor who never presented any evidence of that to the court. So the DA is grossly overstated and most likely outright lying about 1 of the convictions that amounts to charges being dismissed so who knows about the other.

    About the Army reprimand we will just have to wait until the Army provides the evidence. Olofson received an honorable discharge with no restrictions on reenlisting and received an AAM award for doing his job during the same time frame as the supposed letter, so I for one find it hard to believe he would get those after a reprimand and am willing to at least give him the benefit of doubt until the Army shows what really happened. So far zero word from them.

    Kiernicki according to alot of records is an outright liar. He has lied about being in the Army and being deployed. He has as many as three different versions of what happened on record, so as far as I am concerned he is unreliable at best as a witness.

    There is nothing illegal about having or buying M-16 parts, in fact those are what originally were built in that gun by Oly Arms. There is nothing illegal about providing weapons or ammo to people so long as they arent felons or mentally unstable.

    The book he had about converting an AR to full auto does look bad but that wasnt the main point of the book. It was about much more than that but it did include a section on converting an AR to full auto. Its not like you can just get a few parts and drop them in to convert an AR. It takes machining and skill of which Olofson has neither.

    Besides all of this is mute. Even if all of what you state was true, the DA got the conviction of "Transfer of illegal Machine Gun" this proves that they knew they couldnt get a conviction of making one or owning one instead they took a narrow view of the definition of a MG and instructed the Jury that "IF ANY GUN FOR ANY REASON FIRES MORE THAN ONE BULLET WITH ONE TRIGGER PULL IT IS A MG" Thats wrong and you would have to agree on that or be an idiot. Especially given that there is prior precedent already set by a higher court that specifically excludes malfunctioning guns. This precedent was ignored by the judge and not allowed to be entered which is the basis for one of his appeals.
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