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In the service they told us to store them bolt closed to take the tention off the buffer spring. I know competion shooters that just take the bolt out and store it in a seperate container for safety and to spare the tention on the spring. The ar breaks down in a snap so this really is no big operation.
The A1 sights on the plinker are not as good as the A2 I do think they have a plinker modle in the flat top design. Not sure what the plinker is going for but if you want to save $ and still get an ar you can get a flat top parts kit already to go minus the lower reciever for about $435 with shipping. The lowers go for about $100 to $250 depending on quality and where you get it. They are a snap to put together.
I have built 15 of them in the last year and a half the last one was the varmint package one of my friends bought he bought a bushmaster lower ( less fitting involved with these) it took me about 12 min. to have it put together and in 20 min. we where shooting. total cost $658.00 and a steak on the grill (my fee for assembly)
The plinker is a good shooter just not much on sights.
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