On Policy, Obama Breaks Little New Ground

Discussion in 'Firearm Related News' started by GGReporter, May 29, 2008.

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    Obama may offer a "new kind of politics," but his proposals differ little from the party line.

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    Where and what is all the change he keeps saying he will bring?

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    Change you will hate. ‘
    The military will be gutted while the he grows the rest of the government.
    Your taxes will skyrocket.
    Even more jobs will go overseas, but small business will suffer because he does not put a cap on employer funded healthcare. (they will continue to go overseas because it will be cheaper for them to pay higher taxes for overseas jobs than it is for them to pay for healthcare).
    He will ban even more guns, which will eventually actually increase crime rates, costing you even more money because they will have to raise taxes again to provide more money to fight the crime.

    The list goes on and on.
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    There is nothing new here. I read nothing that teh Democrats haven't tried to push through, at least a party platform planks, in the last 10 years. Obama is real good on the rhetoric and the energizing speech, but that's where his aptitudes stop. He has no track record worth mentioning, and what is there indicates he's a follower, a Democratic sheep, not an innovator. That's not what I want to see in the Oval Office.

    The only thing he is doing 'right' is bringing in advisors to form a shadow cabinet who are not affiliated with either Slick Hillary or Monica's boyfriend. He seems to have a metaphorical sign out: "Clintonistas Need Not Apply." Unfortunately, while he is presenting himself as the candidate of new ideas, the reality is he's bringing in the same personnel who advised Gore and Kerry. That doesn't qualify as fresh faces with bold new concepts to me.

    Plus which, I have a very hard time trusting someone who would sit there and listen to Jerimiah Wright rail against our nation for decades, next to a wife who has stated she is ashamed of our country. The President and the First Lady are supposed to be Mr. and Mrs. America to the nation and to the rest of the world. I don't want an elitist liberal bitch who says she has been ashamed to be an American for most of her adult life to be our First Lady. I further don't want a President with no experience in foreign affairs and economic treaties, and damned little domestic experience (and none of it as an initiator of bills) at the national level, at a time when the nation is in crisis thanks to eight years of Bushite incompetency. The fact both these people happen to be bigshot lawyers also is a major minus to me.

    I definitely won't be voting Democratic this time around, no matter whether the boob with two nuts or the nut with two boobs wins the nomination.
  5. Note his greater life's effort . . .

    has always been about playing to emotion rather than
    having a creative solution. In fact, I have never found him to
    bring forth a creative solution. Playing to emotion is the
    big "thing" with the liberal Democrats. If anyone recalls
    President Kennedy's campaign the key underlying current with
    liberal Democrats was Kennedy's "pupose" to complete the New
    Deal of Franklin Roosevelt. However, once in office he proved
    unable to come forth with a legislative plan to perform this
    function as Kennedy was really a player to emotion rather than
    a creative thinker. Analytically, Kennedy's funeral was ultimately
    about the loss of his potential rather than about his accomplishments
    while in either the Senate or the White House.

    This is Obama's phenominal weakness for this fall's election.

    His book is titled the Audacity of Hope yet the electorate
    will want the reality of planned solutions along with the
    cost of same.