On pre deployment leave

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  1. Going soon and was wondering if anybody wanted to send me and my buddies care packages? We could use all kinds of stuff and we all share whatever we get so what you send me goes to everybody.

    If interested IM me or email at [email protected]
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    Enjoy your fmily time before you leave. As much as I loved doing it for my country, that's a feeling I won't miss. I may hit you up a littl later on the care package deal. We actually had an overabundance of stuff at times when I was over there. We would put boxes of excess itmems on our C130's and try to get the flight crews to peddle the extra. Not a bad thing, a heck of alot of people were helping out. May be able to get a better feel for it when you get in country. Do what they trained you to do & maek it back safe.

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    PM me and CGO your address, and we'll get some stuff to you and your buds. If I haved a good season, you'll be getting some venison jerky from me. We have sent around two and a half deer to Iraq, in dehydrated form, over the last five years. It kept me in short supply, but oh well! Take care, and keep your head where it belongs, on the job and on your shoulders!
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    May God go with you...
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    May God go with you...I was sent overseas Dec. 12, 1970, and made it to my permanent duty station about 5-6 days later. I spent my worst Christmas I can remember that year....
  6. Spend time with your family while you can, don't blow them off to chill with your friends because you wont really care about them as much as your family while your away. You will get plenty of packages, we got so many pallets of girl scout cookies on one deployment we got sick of them and still had 50 pallets left we were using to trade for things.
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    Nothings worse than re-entry !! Trust me !!
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    You will be in my thoughts and prayers little brother. Keep your head down and the BDA up.
  9. I told my brother n law the same thing when he would come back on leave when we were in texas but he would never listen. We found out last christmas he was back in town (we were up in alaska by this time) and My wife found out that He was there for a week and didnt even stop to tell his mom hello. The only way she knew he was there was when my wife told her. My wife then Called him and beeched him out pretty hard and he hasnt called her sence. THe thing that gets me is the boy has no sence of what matters. He thinks because he is in the marines that he is now a "man" and that family doesnt matter. Im thankfull for his contribution to our country but im sorry but there is more to being a man than being a bad a$$

    God be with you man, and thank YOU for your contribution to our country. Its men and women like you that keep our country free. Thank you.
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    You ain't gonna want for anything, as long as we got anything to say about it!
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    Allalaskan, my kids loved to get home, and just be there. It was the same for me, when I was reefing sails in the real Navy! LOL! I was really an unwilling Airdale in Nam, and then a Seabee in the later years, and loved all of it, especially getting to go home to family! And I had to volunteer to go on my Southeast Asian vacation! My Dad told me that was a stupid thing to do! Never volunteer for anythng, he always said! LMAO!
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    Sent you a message darlin. Thank you for everything you do!
  13. Thanks to all of you. I am not in the traditional Navy and never will be. I am a boots on the ground kind of guy and wouldn't trade it for the world
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    God Bless You young troop. watch your self, we shall be thinking of you and praying that you and your comrades are safe.
  15. neophyte

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    Beer Forever: Sir; pray daily; pray to our father for the strenght to continue being the man he needs you to be; the brother, son, uncle, loved one. Sir, the duty, the life, the time, is yours to represent your dedication, your belief in country with pride.
    At times! it may seem tough, you may see some things outta whack, you may forget, you may become frustrated, you may LYAO, you may kneel before God with your prayers. In those times, in all times; remember Sir; that others are praying for you and your fellow soldier; your familys, your friends, your loved ones; and those you are sent to protect.
    We will stay vigilant; we will stay strong; we will be as you need us to be. Keep us informed as you can. May God continue his blessings through you.
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    Email sent. Be safe, good luck and thank you.
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    Beer Forever, I appreciate your service and pray for your safety. If you can give us the overseas address I'm sure a good deal of interest will be forth coming right here on G&G.

    My youngest son is presently in Ft. Lewis Washington training for a redeployment in November so the care package issue is once again front and center on my mind. Some of the needs that my son encountered were of a tactical nature so it need not be all about beef jerky, tooth paste, or girl scout cookies.

    PHONE CARDS were also greatly appreciated and here is a link for any of the G&G members who would like to help in that regard. There are options on the website to provide the card to someone in need over there if you don't personally know someone to send it to.

  18. Oxford

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    Beer Forever...I wish you the best during your deployment. Glad you're making posts so we can sort of keep up with you.

    Stay safe and God Bless.

  19. Replied to all those who inquired interest in sending a care package. Thank you for the support.
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    Dude. Thank You and those with you for the support! We redneck bubba kind of fellers appreciate the dedication of our brothers...