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    I suggest looking elsewhere for firearms training in my case. Both me and my girlfriend had taken the basic course. No issues there. We had signed up again and prepaid for the advanced course at $400.00 each, $800. Well after the fact we had discussed with the instructor that we may have to move to a later date or just cancel. He had stated, let's just see and wait.

    Well the issue is my mother is sick and is out of state and she had asked my girl friend to stay with her for a couple months so we had to cancel.
    My girl friend e-mailed Larry stating this fact and it should have been a simple OK. I requested a refund and stated we would sign up next year anyways.

    He said he had an administrative fee and a credit card fee he could not refund. That is okay. I understand. But then he included this in his e-mail. "Be advised, whenever someone drops out, I do not allow future enrollment. As a business person I am sure you also understand this rationale."

    I did not quite understand that even as a business person. So on the phone he explains that he has MANY people canceling classes and giving him BS excuses on why and he does not tolerate that so he bans them from his classes.

    That is fine for him. But if someone wants to cancel let them cancel. It sounds like his statement is done out of spite to get back at the person and to make them feel bad that they can no longer take his classes. If he has that many cancellations then maybe the problem is with him, not with the people wanting to cancel. And to be frank it should be NONE of his business why someone wants to cancel whether they decide they don't feel up to it, or they rather play golf that day instead, etc. He is not loosing money. He claims his classes are always busy so then this should not matter to him.

    I do not appreciate being automatically assumed that we are lying on why we want to cancel our class. And to be honest we do NOT need to give him a reason why PERIOD. It's none of his business but as an act of decency we let him know the reason why in the beginning as a common courtesy from one person to another.

    He said he would make an exception for us after I explained that we do not lie about something like that and others maybe give him the run around but we do not. I do not need any favors from him.

    When I stated I wanted a refund he asked why. His reasoning is that since we're going to take the class at a later date next year we do not need to. First of all, that is in 8 months. We don't know him personally and anything can happen in 8 months. He could disappear, close shop or just something unfortunate could happen to where he cannot train anymore. Then where would we be if he could not refund us? The credit card company won't do a charge back after 8 months neither.

    It just seemed like he was trying to do his best to avoid giving me a refund by his conversation to be honest after that conversation would someone really want to take his class and feel uncomfortable about it.

    This guy maybe a good trainer and a nice person but it seems like he does not like it when you want your money back and if you need to cancel class. He basically turned in to a totally different person.

    There are PLENTY of gun safety trainers in Colorado that matches his background in experience. We will take our classes elsewhere. His business ethics and morals are not that of a business person and he claims it is JUST BUSINESS but it more sounds like he takes it personal. I think is it childish to e-mail a statement like that.
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    I have received my refund check. All Larry Johnson needed to do was send the refund check. He has said his words to me via email yet along with my refund check he has to type out a condescending letter to yet try and put me down again. Here it is word for word.

    "[NAME], after receiving your e-mail where you seemed, shall we say, somewhat irate I elected to circumvent my accountant and immediately write a refund check to you so that you are not placed in a position of having to go on blood pressure medication. Your "War & Peace" in length e-mail confirmed you are not the type of person that I'd want in any future class anyway. You were correct. Heck, I could even die before April, along with all the other scenarios you included. Besides, as you stated, "we will all be going to another shooting instructor I have found." Hmmmmmm, have found. I think I am seeing the light.

    Do yourself a favor. Do, in fact, take more training with the instructor you HAVE found because, it is obvious you are not emotionally equipped, at this point, to obtain a concealed carry permit and carry a firearm. You would be a danger to yourself and others because your perception of things is, and I suspect always has been, very irrational and way off base. You are NOT emotionally equipped to handle such a grave responsibility.

    You might consider selling all firearms you may own and take up Hockey. They let you start swinging when ever you have had too much coffee and sugar.

    I could go on and on, like you incorrectly did, but experience has shown that the problem with continuing to engage someone with your sensitive mind set, and obvious uncontrollable anger, in a battle of wits they are unarmed...."

    WOW, this guy is a psychiatrist now and a comedian with all the little inserted insults with every sentence "go on blood pressure medication" "Your "War & Peace" in length e-mail" "take up Hockey" " too much coffee and sugar.". I HIGHLY suggest anyone looking for an instructor to avoid this person and go with someone that is a little more human.

    And to sum it all up all I did was cancel a class and ask for a refund. It's not that hard to say "Ok" and send a refund out.

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    Sounds like the guy gets off on using his power. Yes, he can ban anyone from taking his classes, but when he treats his customers like this he's only hurting his business, raising his own blood pressure (medication anyone?), and giving a bad reputation to gun owners.
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    You should report this sob to the Better business bureau.......He is not acting in a professional manner...regardless of how this guy "feels" about you cancelling the class he CAN NOT address you in that manner. This letter he sent you is a deliberate insult and he needs to be put in check...I'll tell you, if i was you I would have this guy by the balls. He is providing a service in which he charges money for(hense a "business") and there is certain conduct that is NOT appropriate and this is a PRIME example of it.. I dont care if he is the best **** instructor on the planet he cant deliberately insult people , im pretty sure that letter constitutes Harassment. Do what you will but i would report this jerk just to teach him a lesson.
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    Unbelievable! Glad you got your money back, the condescending irate attitude is inexcusable. I will definitely remember, and pass on, the name after an email like that.

    I am impressed you were taking a $400 class (x2). That is a whole lot of cash.

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    I think you made the right choice and take the loss as money well spent . This guy obviously isnt in the right proffesion or position . way way way out of line. instead of feeling slighted that some one cancelled and blaming the person so hatefully he would be so much further to cheerfully give them a full refund and say I am sorry you wont be able to attend this course . Here is a coupon for a discount for the next time you can make it. But now you know he's not professional with people so his training probably dont make the grade any way. Sorry you had a bad deal.
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    I took my CCW class from Larry, and he struck me as an egotistical character also. I personally had no problems with him, but I think he could have "trained" a little more and "bragged" a little less.

    I personally have no desire for any kind of "advanced training", I don't think my fat 54 y.o. self is going to be engaging in any urban combat scenarios. And I'd feel silly dressing like a SWAT officer and jumping around hollering HUT HUT HUT like in the Blues Brothers. I just wanted a Concealed Weapon Permit.
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    I do apologize. I mistyped. The class was $350 each for $700, not $800.
    And thanks for the support folks.
  9. ****! Still $350 a person for a carry class... Perhaps things just cost way more out there. I did mine a couple years back for $65. I think it's $105 now.

    $350 and an a-hole? I'm sure you can do better. $350 WITHOUT the A-hole is already a tremendous saving!
  10. While I would have handled things in a different manner.....Was your cancellation a last minute thing. If he didn't have time to fill your two $350 slots he is indeed loosing money. Many doctors now charge for visits if you don't cancel 24 hours in advance.
    I would have refunded your money, no questions impolitely asked. In this tight economy I can understand many folks getting excited for advanced training, making reservations and then canceling at a latter date. I think his banning further classes may not be in his best interest but I do understand his reasoning. It is his business to run his way. Time will tell if his practices will allow continued operation.
    Just my .02.
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    No $350 was an advanced class we were going to take for the heck of it as a couple thing.
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    Thanks, we paid a administrative fee and credit card fee as stated originally. No issues there. Just don't need the hassle that went with it. Yes it was probably a last minute thing but as stated, when we signed up while IN HIS CLASS I stated that we MAY HAVE TO CANCEL because of my mothers illness and he stated "GO AHEAD AND WE'LL SEE HOW IT GOES". So we did. Didn't know it would turn out like this once we did cancel.