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  1. Well I got initiated into the new order of trucking this week. Lots of changes out there since 1981. Yep been a few years since I did any serious interstate trucking. I have a little electronic gizmo called PrePass that is read electronically as I am approaching a port of entry. RED light means pull in - GREEN light means keep on down the road. Got a fuel card and driver ID for fueling, makes it quick and easy. No digging around for each states fuel permit. Truck stops are overgrown convenience stores.
    Swift, Schneider and England drivers wear flip flops, shorts and tank tops. Some wear Turbans most don't speak too good the English. Other than that i did fine. 1400 miles and three states in 60 hours and made $490.00. Arizona, New mexico and Texas just a gettin it on.
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    1981? You didn't have to hand crank to start your truck did you? No, seriously though, I'll bet a lot has changed! Did you get an automatic? And I'll bet the suspension in this rig is a lot better than 1981.

  3. Automatic? No way. Running a Cummins M11 and 13spd trans. Just upgrades of the older stuff. Air suspension is nice and cruise control, now that is something.
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    Yeah, cruise. I forgot about that. I run an International box truck sometimes, no air ride there, and I don't use the cruise, because the it's broke so the brake won't stop it, so if you had to jam on the brakes you'd have to remember to turn the cruise off as well. Some of the guys use it anyway, I won't.
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    All of the goodies and comforts are nice, but there are way to many people on the road nowadays and only about 1\3rd of them are actually paying attention to driving when they're on the road. I miss it though.
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    Thank God for Air Horns...