Once Again, Justice Applied Unequally

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Ten Man, Oct 28, 2020.

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    All you mentioned need some "medicinal hemp" of about 2" diameter applied around the neck. And then sent to rehab at "The Judge Issac Parker Hanging Gardens".:rolleyes:;)
    If I had any say in the matter.
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  3. mitchr

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    Yeah, FBI has had hunter biden's laptop since December, showing him with underage girls & not a peep!!:(
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  4. neophyte

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    Ten Man: Sir; wonder who/whom will become a slave
    Wonder will they let him kill himself
    @60yrs. 120yrs sentence.
    just imagine these “Hollywood” type being abused in there self righteous world


    nother victim said she had the initials removed from her body by a plastic surgeon.

    Other victims labeled him a liar, a parasite, a terrorist, a sociopath, a racist, a sadist and “a toddler with too much power and zero accountability
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  5. jedwil

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    Reinstate the death penalty.
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