Once again, Stock Doc pulls off a miracle!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ltcboy, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. Hey Guys-

    I sent Stock Doc an old birch stock that was really black with years of crud and grease and grime embedded into the wood. What I got back was unbelievable. The stock is now an oxblood brownish color that looks awesome. I couldn't' be happier and I will send him more work in the future. I am going to take some pics and scan them to try to post them. This stock is for an HRA that I was actually considering going to a different stock in walnut. I still might do it because the walnut one has the correct cartouch for the era but only after he works on that one. You guys should also see the Springfield that I bought off Stock Doc. Its a 1945 and 100% correct. Its also a tack driver. Both of the rifles furniture are just awesome to look at-- he really brings out the character in an M-1 with the way he preserves the stocks.

  2. Sounds great.

    Doc is fastly getting the reputation he so rightly deserves.

    I wish I'd had sent the SKS stock to him rather than doing it myself.