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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Big Tool, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Big Tool

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    I ran across this thing today. Never heard of the brand before. Can anyone tell me something about Llama. I figured i would post in case any of you guys were Near LA and may be looking for a cheap 1911.

    Looks decent, and even comes with alittle ammo.

    Louisiana Sportsman Magazine, Louisiana Fishing and Hunting
  2. From what I've heard, Llama is a pretty decent brand. But wow, $250.00 Firm for that one? I'd have to ask WTF is wrong with it?
    Personally, the price makes you want to jump on it, but I'd run. lol
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  3. meatloaf

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    It goes bang, hehe I was just thinking the opposite of glockmeister. I would offer 200. I beleive they sell new for around 300. Its better than a high point just my opinion. They are made by firestorm (or the same people that make fire storm). Check gunbroker.
  4. Big Tool

    Big Tool G&G Newbie

    I think i'll let someone else get that one. I just picked up a kimber eclipse II night before last.

    It just seems like a pretty cheap 1911 if someone was looking for one.
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  5. Recon 173

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    You might want to have a good gunsmith look that Llama over. A few years ago some of them had parts that were "softer" than they should have been and people had to replace the troublesome parts. Over all though, a Llama is generally a decent gun. I've owned several in my day and they all went bang when I wanted them to shoot.
  6. Troy

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    Llama's are ok, they're just a cheaper gun. my bro in law has a Llama revolver in .357, visually it's a knock off of a Smithy. he's had no problems with it and is quite satisfied. the $225 price tag helps too.
  7. It almost also looks as if the tip of the hammer was or is broken off? I haven't a clue how they normally look though? I think you're smart to pass it up. lol But then, that's just me.
  8. their spanish, decent guns, thats the going rate on them usually
  9. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    They're good guns, I've owned one before. I don't believe the parts are interchangeable with 1911 government models, however. I'd go for it...try for 200.
  10. rondog

    rondog G&G Evangelist

    It'd be a good truck/tackle box gun. I can see several differences between that and most other 1911's.
  11. You know rondog, you are right. It would be. It gets lost or stolen, other then a hassle, it would have been still worth it.

    Of course that's if it isn't stolen in the first place? lol Ya' neva know...
  12. ander254

    ander254 Guest

    Big tool- how do you like the kimber. My local shop has a used eclipse II right now. I held it yesterday and talk about sweet feeling. I just wish I had the 750 they're asking for it. I asked them if i could take it to the range and run 50 rds through it and they respectfully declined.
  13. Windwalker

    Windwalker G&G Newbie

    I have owned two of them in the past and both went bang every time you pulled the trigger. No misfires. The first one didn't have adj. sights but the second one did and was very accurate. I traded it on my Para-Ord. If it shoots and he will take 200 it would be a great buy.
  14. I owned a Llama .380, looked just like a .45 but scaled down in size, it was a good little pistol. While they did have a hit and miss reputation for quality, that .45 looks nice enough for the money. I don't recall hearing anything bad about their 1911 clones. Llama went out of business 10 years ago I believe.
  15. ander254

    ander254 Guest

    well you also got to think, you got about $20 in ammo he's giving you (as long as they aint cheap lead reloads)
  16. snuffysmith

    snuffysmith Guest

    I checked my Gun Traders Guide and the LLama in in there. It's called a "duo-tone large frame auto pistol caliber .45ACP etc. etc. made from 1990-93.
    GlockMeister is right, the hammer tip is broken off on the one in the ad. That would need replacing. Price wise they go as so: Nib $412 Ex$346 Gd $239.
    That one would appear to be good with hammer replacement factor to be sub-tracted.
    I'd go no higher that $175- 200. It's rated as a fair gun for the price, but I would not bet my life on that one without a complete tune-up.
    If the price was right, it would be a good gun for the truck, etc.
    Just my 2c worth.

  17. mitch_mckee

    mitch_mckee Guest

    I'd be concerned that the Llama might not be 100% compatible with a standard 1911.
  18. How does a hammer break at the tip? The force required would be enormous. Llama just gave them a bobbed hammer, here's a picture of another one that looks the same:
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  19. It's been years since I tried to put a Colt Mag into a Llama, it didn't fit, to tight.
  20. rondog

    rondog G&G Evangelist

    The hammer may have been ground off, or "bobbed", to eliminate hammer bite. GI style 1911's tend to sometimes pinch the skin on your hand between the hammer and the spur of the grip safety when the slide slams back, bobbing the hammer is a common fix.

    And from what I've heard, Llama's quality swung widely from not too bad to looking like it was made by a drunk with a body grinder.