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  1. and I'll quit buggin' y'all.

    I installed a new modem that was either automatically assigned a com port by the modem manufacturer or Windows XP.

    The problem with that is one of my ISPs com ports don't go as high as the one assigned and I can't get into that ISP. When I contacted the ISP tech support I was told that the problem is either XP or the modem manufacturer issue....they weren't sure.

    So, does anyone know how to go into Windows XP and manually assign another com port?

    I've looked high and low...even REGEDIT without any luck.

    If I still had my old 98 or 2000 OS I wouldn't be buggin' everyone.

    Once again, thanks.

    PS...if anyone has info please PM me.
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    ISPs do not use com ports. I think you are getting terms mixed up. The COM port you are talking about here is the serial port between the computer and the modem. It has nothing to do with the ISP. You are confusing the COM ports with the TCP/IP ports used on networks and the internet The only way you could have a problem with those is if you are dialing up to a network, and then trying to get to the internet from the network by going through a router. In that case the router would have to be reconfigured.

  3. All I know is that if you have AOL there is a modem setup screen with Expert Setup function.

    In there it says that you can only assign your modem to one of their nine com ports.

    If your modem manufacturer assigns a com port to your modem higher than ten then it doesn't/won't setup.

    I dunno.

    I made contact with Hayes, the maker of the modem, and they agreed that, with the modem being given a com port of 13 I can't use AOL.

    So, now I've got to get ahold of MicroSoft to find out how to manually change my com port assignment.
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    That makes no sense. Of course, little about AOL makes sense. AOL is NOT an ISP. AOL is an online service that makes YOUR computer become a host to AOL. That is why all that software has to be installed and why computers with AOL are highly susceptible to viruses. You really need to switch to a real ISP, like EV1 or even MSN.
  5. That makes sense and might explain why my Netscape and Internet Explorer seems to work fine.

    As far as getting rid of AOL I have learned one thing, if nothing else, if one little thing like AOL makes my wife happy I'm not suggesting she trash it or give the impression needs to.