one memorial day and one realization

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    As I woke up on monday i felt relieved that i got a day off to recover from a hard week of work. it was just another day off . til the wheels started turning and I relized this was a day I should never forget.after looking at the calendar I relized at this time it was memorial day, and i was ashamed that i was not aware. It ment alot to me when i was younger. me and my grandpa would always go to the parade downtown. as watched the soldiers march down the street i could imagine the day i turned 18. its all i ever wanted to do. i remeber doing warmups in my first period gym class in 8th grade. they started rolling out the modular tv sets so i thought iwas going to be able to catch some zzzz. as my gym teacher approached me she told me i could call my parents to come pic me up if i wanted to go home. at this time i knew something was wrong. i moved over to the tv set and watched. i dont think my eyes have ever been so glued to something so severe. i was viced in my steps. the first plain had already hit by the time i started watching. i thought what a tragedy as anyones first thoughts would be a unfortunant crash into the tower building. i thought to myself how this wasnt right . why would a crash landing detour in one of the biggest cities in the nation. right as i pondered that i witnessed the second plane. at this point i was confused, scared, and relized what was going on. i felt different on this day. as i came home glued to the tube. relizing thousands of lives were lost. and for what. this day has changed my view on life. changed my career destination approach of being a made me hate a tyrant and love a made me angry, it made me want to serve. it made me cry before the kickoff when i was staring at the flag of my balls day. it made me remember.
    i had no gameplan from high school on for what i wanted to do. i knew definently i couldnt be in a cubicle all my life. thats just not me.after high school i talked to recruiters from the marines and army.i talked the talk but i couldnt walk the walk. I thought i was gonna do well with my college football career so i put my military career on hold. after my first semester of college i realized that college right after high school was not a priority. so i dropped that fast and relized i was a working man. i got my first good job that summer doing construction and landscaping. good job meaning i got paid decent. money always drives people. eventually i got fed up with that job and moved on. i was thinking now that i wanted to pursue a career, i may take my chances back in school. then the best job yet (of my wise20 years) came to me. i still work at this job. what ive realized is that the civilian jobs ,the rat race, society, and alot more takes away the glory of our american armed forces.The thought of joining has never been forgotten to me but has been put on the backburner so to speak for quite some time. we are in debt to each and every patriot and soldier that has served, died , bled, and sacrificed the soldiers life. i hope that you have enough respect to honor those who WILLINGLY fight for our country. I hope you have enough respect to honor those who defend us from a tyrant that wants no resolution(terror).these are all the feelings that have come strongly back into my life by thinking about the men and women who have served us. so the day after memorial day(today) i got off work and decided to visit the recruiting station. when i walked in i felt the past coming back to me. i was to young and unwise to realize what i was wanting from the military out of high school. thus only seeking a type of revenge and payback for americas losses.As i sat down and started talking to the recruiter about positions in the military, i felt a calm realism that this could actually be the path that god has put before me. i talked to him about qualifications . i talked to him about positions, combat oriented and non. i found myself there for 2 hours talking about posibilities.whether or not i make this life decision, i relized in the process of finding out of what im made of, i found out what it takes the enlisted members to make this decision, to fight and defend this country.that one thing it takes for those enlisted members is BIG BRASS AMERICAN CLANKING BALLS!!! and with that i thank every single one of you!! whether or not i make the decision soon to serve my country I am blessed to be in such a wonderful country.
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    Thank you. You'll do the right thing for you, and I will say this, military life isn't for everybody. It takes a certain mindset to volunteer for a job where you can be injured, or killed. Just approach it with your eyes open, get all the information you need to make your decision, and go from there! And, God bless for the nice post!

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    Memorial Day

    as Scotty said, the military aint everyones cup of tea!....I did 21 years in the By-God US Navy....had a really rocky start, as i used to be one of them THAT changed on my 1st trip down-river on a boat!.....I don't begrudge those who chose not to serve....This be a free country....But, if you choose NOT to serve....don't be livin in MY country, and standin on a corner, or an airport, and talkin smack about those who DID serve!
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    I was right across the river when it happened...we closed our office, and went home...the streets were earily quiet..there was such fear in all of us..I had friends and family working in that very building, or at the least near it..

    No one will ever be the same after it..we will always be looking over our shoulder...

    God bless you for your decision..I stand by you, as do many safe
  5. FMJ maybe a political career is your calling ?
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    You could be right, AH. The young man is very well spoken, and that's a prerequisite for going into politics. Whatever he does, I'm sure he'll excel at the job!!