One of the most important pieces of survial equipment

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    Looky what a friend of mine and I made lol.

    When (Not "if" mind you) Z Day comes and you need that extra edge to help get you to the rest of your zombie preparedness kit :AR15firing:you can count on one of these.

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    :yup:When will it be at Wal-mart and do you make it for an AK also?:yup:
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    They should be everywhere there is a fire extinguisher.
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    lol thanks for the comments everyone.

    It took a few hours to build because we really didnt have a plan lol. We just kinda did it by ear as we went along. We had to "McGuyver" a lot of jigs and stuff to get the cuts right.

    All the materials cost about $32 including paint.

    The top front part of the frame pops out so you can slide the glass out the top for easy access to the stuff inside without having to actually break the glass.
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    Did Billy order a copy of this survival kit?

    Oh, never mind...he's got that .454 hand cannon.
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    I like that. Nice.
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    very nice and pritty creative to! i realy like it! thanks for sharing it with us!
  10. Too funny. I'll make a bet that the glass will NEVER get broken due to a zombie outbreak though. But I think it's hilarious you and your buddy even made it. I suggest you patent it because I guarantee you if you don't, someone will make some with fake stuff and make a fortune. I suggest if you do patent it, you do it for both real and fake stuff; cover your bases. lmao I only say any of that because if I didn't, someone would have. But I'd seriously think about patenting it. I mean someone got the idea to make zombie targets and is making a killing on them.

    I also saw on the news one night, college students coast to coast are playing humans vs zombies using Nerf guns. Funny thing, it only made the news because one school had a lock down because someone saw a gun. Turned out to be a Nerf that someone had painted black or something. But, if not for that, it would have never made the news. lol
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    one of those should be in every room of every home in the u.s.

    myself i cut to the chase and scatter guns around like confetti
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    They ought to have them at 7-11"s!
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    I'd put some sort of plastic cover over the gun & ammo and put Zombie First Aid Kit on the cover...keep anyone (kids/crooks) from seeing that it was a gun...and anyone who opened it would understand...unless they were blonde...
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