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One rifle, shotgun & handgun

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If you could only have one of each ? Which would you choose and why ? :fuss: :rolleyes::eek: I predict the majority will choose Remington 870s & 1911A1 .45ACPs. The rifles may surprise... expect M1As & AR-15s to make a good showing though:p
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1911 45 Mossberg 500A camo FAL 308 or AK-47 in 7.62x39
AR-15 .223/ .357 Magnum revolver (any good make - S&W, Colt, Ruger)/ 12gauge pump shotgun (any good make).

These would give the best versatility for the conditions I would expect to encounter.
My choice is Remington 870, M1A 'Bush" rifle ,and model 19 S/W
As big of a fan that I am of .45 1911 If Ihad to choose 1 of each I would keep my 9mm ruger p-95 DC for the availibility of ammo worldwide and mag capacity. My shotgun would be my Mossberg 500a riotgun because of reliablity. My rifle would be my mini-14 with all its 30 round clips. I would prefer an m-14 which I am working on getting but I am going by what I have, not what I'm wishing for.
My Ruger SRH 44 mag, My Mossburg 500A , and my Browning A-Bolt in 7mm Rem Mag.
Para Ordnance P14, Mossberg 590 Mil Spec, HK-91
Beretta 1200P, any of my own 1911 .45acp and Springfield M1A Ultra Match Grade.
my Rem. 700 .308 VSSF, My 12gaug Moss. Persuader, and my Berretta 9mm. Ya I know I would go with my 45 normally but I can outshoot anything with the 9
Glock 23, AR15, Mossberg 500 w/rifle sights (typical duty line up for me on a daily basis).
What are these for??Hunting, defense, both??Anyways...
Remington 870 black(maybe camo) synthetic
H&K USP 45

That should about do it for me. :)

Shotgun: Winchester Model 12 12ga - they can be taken down and are faster than any auto and most other pumps.

Rifle: CZ ZKK-602 in 300 WinMag - all the features of the Mauser with a faster lock time; enough gun to handle most anything.

Handgun: 1911A1 in 45ACP and a .22 RF conversion - pretty obvious.
Makarov in 9x18, Kar98k Mauser in 8mm of course, any good make, pump action shotgun.
Of course,,, Gov M1911 45cal....FAL 308...Winchester Model 97 in the 12 gage...... all reliable to a fault and have served me for

..................................................E-9 .....................................
Ruger SRH .454 -- can load anything from CCI shotshells to 360-gr Penetrators (yes Ican and have carried it concealed).
Mossberg 590A1 -- Mil Spec version WITH bayonette lug
FN-FAL -- .308 is good for anit-personnel or anti-hunger purposes.


Rifle: Winchester Model 94 .30 WCF. Shotgun: 12 gauge single barrel, Savage, or H+R. Handgun: Ruger super Blackhawk .44 Mag.
Shotgun-Remington 20 guage... (getting too old to handle a 12)
Handgun-My combat customized FireStar M40 with Winchester 180 grain SXT Black Talon's.
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