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Yup......very wise words. I've tried to live as normal over the last year with the standard cold and flu precautions. It's been successful for most personal things; there are things (like work) which is well beyond my control. The prudent scoffing has largely worked but I can't reverse things as one person like idiots on airplanes with masks and the mask nazis (especially since vaccines are available to mostly anyone who wants one now). There's a good example of projected fear creating hysteria. Or the various shutdowns of businesses and the like that I'm not a part of. BTW, I think close to a million folks died last year from TB; the WuFlu is but ONE of many pathogens which can be deadly and harmful. And we'll all die of SOMETHING. If a person is of faith, this tends to project comfort that that time and place will usually be well beyond ones' control so long as a person stays plugged in spiritually.

Haven't panicked mostly because the preps were set years ago and there's not alot to do along those lines now. Just enjoy the good things and people in the empire.

What you DON'T get back is the time in the life you waste dwelling in your fear. So I'd suggest one doesn't do it. I've seen ALOT of people lose ALOT of their lives dwelling in fear which I've been a strong advocate of NOT doing.

Ya wanna see something REALLY scary though ? Much scarier than the WuFlu ?

Zero Hedge has historically been viewed as a sort of 'fringe' site. But it sure did peg the run on NATGAS and the corresponding TX power shortage to a T. Was well out in front of it.

We're seeing the incipient stages of this now. The eggheads are betting on being able to put the brakes on. Who knows.
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