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    I apoligize for offending anyone...

    During desert storm there were three soldiers captured by the Iraqi army. The soldiers were American, German and Polish.
    The soldiers were quickly tried, found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad. As the three soldiers were sent back to their cells the American reminded the other two how easily frightened and jumpy the Iraqi soldiers were. He said let me go first and just do what I do. The execution day came and the American chose to go first. The firing squad was ready. The command came - ready-aim just then the American yelled "EARTHQUAKE" really loud. So loud it scared the Iraqis and they scattered. The American slipped away.
    Next was the German's turn. The firing squad regrouped- ready- aim- just then the German yelled at the top of his voice "TORNADO" the troups once again scattered. The German slipped away.
    Next it was the Polish soldiers turn. They brought him out in front of the firing squad- the commands were given- ready-aim-just at that moment the Polish soldier yelled "FIRE !!!!!"