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Opinions/experience with CZ75B ???

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JoeInCT, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. Local dealer has a CZ 75 BD (DA/SA decocker). Has nice finish, feed ramp nicely polished, feels good in the hand, compact compared to some 9mm's, very reasonable price compared to Beretta, etc.

    Soliciting experiences with CZ75's, opions/ratings on fit, smoothness of action, accuracy, etc, any experiences with importer's service desk, & overall opinion of value.

    Have seen only a few posts here and on other forums on CZ's, but not many, wondering if brand name is just not well known in USA, or is the result of bad/lackluster reputation or lack of publicity. Pistol doesn't look or feel like this make a sleeper in the firearms industry?

    Any info much appreciated.
  2. Eric

    Eric G&G Newbie

    I owned one in '93/94. Thought it was a great gun, but one when I broke it apart to clean after shooting, I noticed the barrel ug was cracked. it only had about 350 rounds thru it. Me personnally, I f a gun lets me down it is wrote off. JMO.

  3. CZs ROCK!!!!!!!

    Try looking at and
    you should find all of the information you want on CZs there.

    I personally have recntly purchased a CZ-75B myself. It's an excellent pistol. I originally intended on buying a Hi-Power, but the $400 price difference was hard to ignore. Fit of the gun is excellent, and exterior finish is superb. When I first opened it it had a layer of grease on it, which I'm told is normal for CZs, and the Outside of the barrel looked as if it had at some point been used as a plow. A little bit of 400 and 600 grit sadncloth and the barrel was clean as can be. I've seen some guys go as far as to polish a mirror shine on thier guns, but mine's a tool not a show piece so I'm not to worried about it. So far it's had 250 rnd through it with some nasty Geco ammo, and not so much as a burp. My buddies G-19 jammed twice with it. The customer service is very good and frequently they have rerpresenatives on the CZ forum to answer questions. There's not the scads of after market manufatures making parts for the CZs as there are for other guns, but it cuts down on your crap OEM level. Hi-caps are still readily available, and not to terribly expensive. The gun shoots well and accurately, and if your the kind of person who likes to tinker with their guns the CZ is idael as it's robust design allows a fair amount of romm to fidget with it without having to worry about screwing it up. Some will call it a copy of the Hi-Power, I think it's an improved design. They do appear to be a sleeper company so look for them to get bigger and better. The only down side Ive heard about the 75-BD is that there is apparently some sort of "click" that occurs during trigger pull that some people don't care for. As I don't have a "BD" I don't know how bad it is or if it matters. They seem to average $350-400 which is unbeatable for a gun of that quality. I'd buy it all over again if I had to. Mine may even be creeping up on my beloved Car-15 as my favorite gun to shoot.
    If the price is right get it. I would
  4. I have owned the 75B now for over a year. And it's my secondary carry weapon (Mak is first due to size).

    I am still impressed with the quality and accuracy.

    Without exaggeration I have put well over 2,000 rounds down the tube and it still looks like it came outta 'the showroom'. It has never, never misfired, misfed or anything else that would have given me an indication of a bad gun.

    It's well balanced and the trigger action is as good, if not better, than most mass produced guns these days.

    As far as I am concerned, pound for pound and dollar for dollar it's one of the best bargain on the market.

    Except for Eric, I have never heard of anyone dissatisfied with a CZ...whether it be the 75, 85, 52 etc.

    I think Eric might have gotten a bad one just like you can get a bad Dodge, Ford, Chevy p/u, etc.

    The 75 is one of three guns I have that give me the confidence to hit what I'm aiming at.

    I used mine for qualification for CCW permit and many of the other students were impressed with my groups.

    All I can say is if someone steps in front of my 75...their toast.

    Great gun...pure and simple!
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  5. Thanx

    Thanx to you all. Appreciate the responses.
    Intend to pursue this CZ75BD more.
    $400 asking price is fair, first impression was good.