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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Shaun, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. Shaun

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    Okay guys I found a 94 winchester in 30-30 last night 70%-80% condition the shop wants 269 for it what would you offer ?

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  3. Agreed. Look on under side of reciever for manufacturers date.
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  4. oneastrix

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    I don't know guys, it doesn't sound like a bad price, but I see them around my city used for about $175. I paid that for mine. I'm not sure of it's date, but it does not have the push button safety on it......Either way, it's one helluvea rifle to have.
  5. PAPA G

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    is it pre-64??? if not try $225. and see if they bite.:D
  6. psycho dad

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    start at two hundred. it is human nature to be under the impression you are negotiating from a weaker position. what is the worse than could happen, you receive a reply no.
  7. Hud

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    If it is a post 82 angle eject then about $250 in "very good" shape.
    Post 64 to pre 82 about $175 is average in very good shape. Later years are better in this time period.

    Pre 64 could be all over the place from $200 to as much as you want to spend.

    A gun shop is going to want more than the average which is fine, but there should be some kind of shop warrenty with it.

    There is "excelent", "perfect", and "new in box" conditions above the "very good" condition.
  8. Are you guys having same slow site problem that I am having.
  9. On the bottom of my receiver ahead of the lever is stamped 1948 thats all. Could this be the manufacture date of the rifle.
  10. Shaun

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    This one is top eject I will get the year -- I think I am going to start at 200
  11. Hud

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    alan c.,
    1948 was a poor year for 94s, right after the war and all,cheap steel, you know. You should really get rid of that thing. Um.... I could take it off your hands. Just trying to help out.

    Seriously, that is the serial number not the date. Are you sure its only 4 digits? There were millions of these things made. The one I have in my lap is 4 million six hundred and some thousand. Now I don't know all the sequences, they may have started over more than once. You would have to take to a real collector for that info, but you may really have something there.

    The number your talking about is on the bottom of the receiver, just in front of the lever linkage and just behind the wood forearm. Correct?

    Does it say "30-30 Win" for the caliber or "30 WCF" on the barrel?
  12. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    the one I found is sn#4569533 and it does not have a safety built into it.

    I offered 175 they are considering it and will get back to me
  13. Hud

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    Let us know if you get it.
  14. Hud--only 4 #'s 1948 between lever and fore stock. 30-30 win.
  15. Hud

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    The earliest ones said 30 WCF instead of 30-30. Not sure when that changed but it was early on. Yours could have been rebarreled too. Still with that low number you should get it checked out by someone who knows what they're talking about.
    You could have a collectors item there.

  16. Hud--Thankyou sir. WCF???
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  17. wes

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    Winchester CenterFire.
  18. NRAJOE

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  19. Testing, testing this is only a test. NRA you are older and wiser--you should know these things.