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Opinions on Ruger P345 in 45 Auto?

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Any experienced shooters have an opinion on Ruger's new and improved 45 Auto that's pretty slim for it's size?
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It's anything but slim. I've handled it. It's not bad but the grip is pretty small for a slide that size. Also looks like it slides directly against polymer. It's basically a full size pistol with the limitations of a compact, ie low cap mag, heavy weight, and short barrel.

I'd take a full or midsize 1911 over it any day.
I must have misremembered the 345's barrel length. I thought it was in the 3 inch range.

Grip width may be smaller than a 1911, but what about slide width? I prefer the wider grip and thinner slide on a 1911 over the thin grip and huge slide of the P345.

If you HANDLE both and prefer the 345, then I have nothing ill to say of your choice. I liked the 345 very much on paper. When I actually handled one and saw it taken down, by opinion dropped dramatically.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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