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Ordered Savage 111FCXP3

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Well after reading nothing but bad things about the Remington 710 30-06. I decided to go with the Savage 111FCXP3 30-06 part of the Savage Package series. I think that this rifle will do a great job and I got it cheaper than the 710. I do how ever have a question, as far as just shooting targets and sighting the gun in, is there anything wrong with shooting Silver Bear or metal cased ammo?
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Brass cases are metal too. :p

Seriously, that's a good question. Savage shines in the department of accuracy, which can mean tight tolerances in certain spots.

My suggestion is to buy a box of whatever ammo you question, and try it gently. Of course start out with US commercial ammo. If the steel cased stuff is harder to chamber and extract, it may cause wear that you don't want. If it chambers and extracts just as easily, I think it's just fine.
Hey Man, Tell us how you like it.. I was thinking about ordering 1 after the holidays.
I own that gun, and let me warn anyone who wants one- the stock trigger pull is 8-10 lbs., with no overtravel. Also, with the scope that comes on it, there is very little room to move the scope back, without offset rings or some other adapter. With some modifications to the trigger though it is a very nice gun for the money, and deadly accurate. Good luck getting a decent group with that trigger weight though, and you can't put a accutrigger in it either.
The trouble with steel casings in anything was they didnt expand good enough to make a gas seal like copper.I never had much experience with it as S&P shooting aint my bag.But I always went by the theory-cheap ammo,cheap shot.I personally wouldnt buy a new rifle and then spray hot gases back in the chamber because of a bad seal. sam.
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