Original M1 Inland

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  1. This is an all original Inland M1 Carbine.
    It was supposedly brought back by a Navy Seaman that traded a Marine comming from the battle of Saipan. The swabbie gave the leatherneck a .45 for the carbine.

    The Marine was apparently J L Watkins Jr. because he carved his name in the butt. The butt also has a large notch cut in the neck.
    It has the flip sights. High wood. I am not sure about the front barrel band. There is no arsenal rebuild marks on it.
    It has Inland on the reciever.

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  2. Mooseman684

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    Looks like you found a Type 1 Original WW2 Carbine to me...
    Even with the Carving , a Valuable Piece !

  3. Have you tried to look Watkins up?
  4. I wouldnt know where to start Dookie. If you have any ideas I would be glad to hear em. And thanks Mooseman and you too Dookie.
  5. bellx1

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    looks nice, I have an original inland M1 carbine, and it's one of my favorites to shoot, plus there not too heavy or bulky
  6. Thanks Bellx1 I would love to see pics of it.
  7. bellx1

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    I'll see what I can do