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Original Mosin Nagant M91/30 Bayonet For Sale or trade.

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its off a 1942 91/30 Izzy. no rust, excellent condition. I also have ammo pouches. open to trades, and offers!
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here is a vid of the Bayo showing condition. ignore the pup in the background, lol!
hey there. I posted on your u tube channel also. Would you like to trade for some Russian Silver tip ammo for your Mosin. 40 rounds? I was about to buy one on ebay for $15 but trading sounds like fun.

Let me know what you think !
I might consider that, but I do have tons of surplus ammo, what other interesting stuff do you have to trade? doesn't have to be a Mosin item.
Well you can never have enough ammo as Do you golf? I have a couple of real nice graphite drivers you could choose from. Both in great shape. Can send pics if interested. PM me if you like.
I use my Mosin for a driver :)

you wouldn't have any steel targets, would ya?
I use old brake discs from a scrapyard. Perfect target with a nice hole in the middle i tape paper to for bull but not what your after i'm !

UPS hazardous material fee (forgot about that) prob puts me out to send ammo as you cant do it through the mail of course.

I do have a paypal account if you do also to send cash.

I'll rack my brains for other items...
ok. pm me for a offer in cash, I will cover shipping as I did with another member here. I would want more than the one you quoted from ebay. any other items you'd be willing to trade you could list here.
all set, will a mod please lock it up or delete this thread> when convenient!


1 - 6 of 9 Posts