OT: Politics: S-2480 is Dangerous Legislation

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  1. The liberal/socialist senator, Patrick Leahy is at it again. This time he is undermining the Second Amendment with his newly introduced bill, S-2480, which relegates full faith and credit rights for CCW to police only. This legislation would allow police (retired and active) to carry concealed anywhere in the USA, but allow states to keep their own anti-gun provisions in place. Of course, if you like the concept of aristocracy, you might think that this is a good thing. Personally, I subscribe to egalitarianism.

    Now, I have nothing against police being able to carry CCW outside their jurisdiction, but I do have something against me and my fellow law-abiding citizens not being able to carry concealed across state lines. Furthermore, I see the tactic of making police "priveleged citizens" as an effort to reinforce the assumption that I have no individual rights under the Constitution.

    This is dangerous legislation, folks. If you don't believe it or don't understand it, you can begin educating yourself at http://www.keepandbeararms.com/copsonlyccw/ . This was tried in the House of Representatives a few years ago, so the argument has been made.

    I don't expect Leahy to support us; he has been diametrically opposed to freedom and liberty for taxpayers for quite a while. However, it's good to let him know that his proposed legislation is a bonehead move, even if he doesn't see it. Here is his contact information:

    Email: [email protected]

    Snail Mail: Sen. Patrick Leahy
    433 Russell Senate Office Bldg
    United States Senate
    Washington, DC 20510

    DC Phone: 202-224-4242
    VT Phone: 802-863-2525

    Also, you need to advise your own senators of this ridiculous legislation and your feelings on it. You can find out how to get in touch with them at http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/ . Click on your state and follow the links on the resulting pages.
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    I agree Phil. I will support the right for all citizens to carry,not just the police. Too many of them already want to be above the law.

  3. I vote no one that


    That bill not only s ucks, but I would expect that from Leahy and his ilk. A POS, feel good grandstand bill if I ever saw one.

    I live in a border town. I live in one City and State and work across the river in another City and State. My home State has a shall issue CCW. (Picked up my app today)
    However, if I forget, and cross the state line I will be a criminal! That stinks!

    I would love to see just one more law at the Fed level. One that allows anyone from a shall issue state to carry anywhere in the 48 continuous states +2.

    Police should be allowed to carry anywhere, on or off duty. Legal law abiding citizens should be able to do so too.