Other Titles For Special Reasons!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by MangesMade, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. MangesMade

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    Robert has my vote for the Other Title for the MOST Special Reason. While your at it give him a couple Titles, he's earned that much. But Please!!!!! Don't give me a Military Rank!!!!!
    Been There, Done That, nuff said 'bout that. I guess if that's what everone wants, But with the Rank comes the Responsibility,
    I don't know about ya'll, but when I did my time, an Officer had to conduct himself to a higher degree than an enlisted Man. What was that LT Wes? Yepper What, General Yepper, Man ya'll gotta straighten up. Oh, when we make Captain do we get a presentation Randall Model 1. All those that don't know what that is, Oil Well, I guess you just don't know? Good Luck to the TiTle Giving Commity!
  2. Klaus

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    Unfortunately, that changed. When I was in the Navy, in the 80s, I unfortunately saw quite a bit of misconduct amongst officers. For example, I was a contraband inspector in many ports. It really annoyed us when we would see officers OPENLY bring contraband aboard the ship from the nearby Officer's brow, while we had to just about strip search the enlisted men. Then there was the division supply officer who would steal supplies and blame enlisted men for "losing" items that they weren't even issued. There are many other examples, that I won't go into right now. I also discovered that you could LITERALLY have a room full of E-4s, E-5s, and E-6s, saying one thing and ONE officer contradicting them, and the command will fully support the Officer, and ignore reports of misconduct, with evidence!

  3. MangesMade

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    Klaus, your reason is better than mine, for not giving us Military Rank. I would rather be call Sue Jr. member, than be called by a military Rank. But that's just my 22 cents worth.
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    I think that only the brave souls of the military past and present should be given a millatary title. I may be the only one but to call someone by a military title takes away respect for those who earned theirs through blood sweat and sacrifice to protect our freedoms. No matter how many postings I put on, I would never feel worthy of the same rank as a veteran who is walking aroud with shrapnel imbedded in him!!
  5. I lived with rank deisgnations all my life until I retired. No rank designations for me...nope! Heck, it's bad enough I run into Officers I worked with and I'm still Captain....dang (one reason I don't go to my FOP meetings much anymore).

    And, I don't like 'honey', 'honey bunch', 'sexy butt', 'sugar', 'coochie coo' etc. lol
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    So I suppose "Captain Sexy Butt" is out?
  7. Captain Sexy Butt is definately OUT!!!!! LOL
  8. Tober

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    Hey look at this,

    I found this option in the userCP, go to USERCP and then click edit profile, and you can edit the title, you can be called anything, but bad words as the Censorship Program is on, this is rocking, Good work Admins!