Otis Cleaning kits?

Discussion in 'General Rifle' started by Sober, Sep 11, 2010.

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    Does anyone know anything about these Otis Micro-Rifle Cleaning Kits With the flexible rods. It looks kind of like a steel cable that you feed through the breech and pull out through the muzzle. Reminds me of a boresnake except you screw in a brush or the patch holder into one end Looks a little sketchy any feedback would be helpfull. I am looking into one for my brother for his SKS(7.62x39).
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    I use an OTIS cleaning kit on my 9mm and .380 semi auto pistols.

    The flexible rod is coated in a rubber and or flexible plastic coating to not scratch your firearm.

    Personally I wouldn't want to use one like this for a rifle. I'd want a harder rod that would be much easier to push through the barrel.

    FYI, J. Dewey makes amazing cleaning rods. I bought one for my M91/30 and it works wonderfully!

  3. I have one and love it. I use it for all of my guns and it is fantastic in the field. I throw in my range bag or in my pack when hunting and it takes up very little room.
  4. My buddy has one and I love it. I do need to get my own though. It does do an excellent job cleaning rifles.
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    For occasional use it would be ok, but if you clean your guns alot there are just too many small easy to loose parts in it for my taste. I prefer a BoreSnake and a brass coated cleaning rod with patches, an old tooth brush, a shop rag and a bottle of BreakFree.
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    I bought my first Otis kit while I was in the Army. It was much easier to use that then the standard issue cleaning kit. The only down side to using the Otis is you can't really use a jag. I use my otis kit at the range when I want to clean in between groups or give them a quick cleaning before putting them away. They are great as a back up cleaning kit and easily stored in a range bag.