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    well hell might have to get one of those lol

  3. The problem being that when you get older you can't use your right hand for stuff like eating, scratching or writing.
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    i want one!
    700 bucks huh?

    this would be great in it!
    Minishell 12 Gauge 1 3/4 Inch 7/8 Ounce Slug
    AGUILA AMMUNITION [​IMG]Minishell Slug
    This new type of one and three fourths inch twelve gauge shotshell (one and one half inch OAL loaded) was developed as part of the innovation drive. The new cartridge would generate a milder recoil (less shoulder punishment and faster reacquisition of the target after the first shot is fired). 20 rounds per box, 25 boxes per case.
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    I saw this thing online a while ago.

    My main question is...what the hell is it for?

    I mean, in terms of concealability it's fantastic, but I'm not sure I'd want to shoot it repeatedly, even with the additional grip on the front, and I'm no delicate flower by a long shot.

    I see they mentioned breaching, and I can certainly see that, but I'm not a LEO so I doubt I'd need to do that anytime soon.

    Any idea what the spread on something so tiny would be?

    Heh, and if you want to really get crazy, go load it with something like the 12 ga. Buckhammer slugs. :scool:

    - Coeloptera
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    ^^It's so you can get newbies interested in shooting; 100 rds thru it, 100 rds of full house .357 loads thru the 12 oz. Scandium 340pd followed by 100 rds of full house .44 mag thru the Scandium Mountain Gun. That oughta make someone want to come back....

    I'd postulate the spread is quite a bit tighter than the Judge--shooting it yesterday and noticed again how rapidly the birdshot charge spread out. Full silohette in about 25' or less.
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    Might be better for something to keep under your sink or in a drawer rather than a range gun. I mean sure you want to fire it a few good times to get to know it and all its functions, but If i had one it would stay close enough to where I could use it quickly.
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    Might be a decent gun for a 2 man sniper team to have.
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    I would much prefer an MP5-K as a spotter. But that would be if I had the choice between a 700.00 shotgun and a multi-thousand dollar submachinegun.
  10. now i think its kind of dumb that they make cut off shotguns like that becouse a stotgun its alot eisier to hit something than like a 9mm so robers could get these and just pull them out and it would be very bad thats my opinian i know i will get lots of people that disagre with this but here it is.
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    You are right elmer, a gun that gives a big advantage to the "homedefensemen" (and women) can also give a big advantage to the intruder. Both sides do have an element of surpirse, I guess it depends on who gets the drop on who.
  12. wow im glad someone agreed with me i thought they would just boo me out!
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    i agree with elmer aswell. i think it gives a intruder more of an advantage than it would give the person defending
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    Ah, but the baddies can already chop off a shotgun. No need for criminals to worry about the law.
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    very true^^^

    another thing about it being an advantage, many criminals (not professional criminals) like gang members and what not are probably not a great shot with a handgun but something like this gives them a huge advantage, good gun for the "spray and pray" method i would think....