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    This could be the wrong area to post this, but it was the best I could find since it pertains to a shotgun I am looking to purchase.

    My main question is - is it possible for someone to purchase a shotgun/rifle in a state that they are not a resident of. I am a resident of Virginia who is currently residing in Georgia while I finish out school. I do not live here full time and I am actually moving in 90 days back to Virginia. However, due to violent crime that has literally hit home, I'm purchasing a firearm. However, I'm unfamiliar with this stipulation concerning out-of-state purchase.

    From what I gather it's legal for me to purchase the gun but illegal for me to transfer it home without going through a FFL dealer. Is this true? Also, is it possible to purchase the gun in Georgia, keep it at my home in Georgia for the remaining 90 days, return to the dealer and have him ship it to a FFL in Virginia for me to pick up? Would that be the proper procedure?

    OR am I completely confused and I can not purchase a gun in a state I do not live in?
  2. My advice, pay for it but have it shipped to an FFL where you live. You will pay a little more, but you'll have covered your butt.

    I may be wrong, others WILL post if I am and if there is a better way. Me though, that's what I'd do. Or I'd wait until I got home and find one there.

    Then also, you might not be able to at all. I doubt that though. I'm, sure you can just have to find the proper way. Good luck.

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    My understanding is that a non-resident may purchase a long gun in any state from a licensed dealer if they do so in person. If it's a non-licensee to another non-licensee from another state, then it has to go through a dealer. For example, I'm a Nevada resident, but I'm able to purchase long guns in Arizona and I can't wait to go to J&G to pick up a couple of Mosins :) I know that there are also state laws involved such as Nevada dealers can't sell to California residents without going through shipping to a California FFL and I believe that only residents of contiguous states can purchase and take delivery in Nevada - something about the delivery laws being the same or more lenient in the resident's state.

    I'd look on the BATFE website which has all the Federal laws as well as links to all the state laws as well. I'd also just call up a gun store and ask - they sure don't want to violate any laws on sales ;)
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    +1 on the call a local gun dealer.
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    I was asked when I purchased my shotgun if I was a resident of Colorado. I think that is because the shotgun is illegal in some states. I have very little knowledge when it comes to this, but if the gun is legal in all 50 states it shouldn't be a problem...but I'm not sure.
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    Thanks for the responses. I had done a quick phone call just to the local bass pro (since they usually have very sound prices) and the guy was the one who mentioned it.

    I'm going to run by a local dealer in the next few hours and see what they say about it. Wish me luck, feel free to post if you know more details about any of this.
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    i think you should just wait until you go home to buy a gun to save money and confusion, just my opinion
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    Okay, bit of confusion. Turned out to be a policy the place I called had (Bass Pro). Otherwise, I brought it from somewhere else no problem.