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    whats best plotted out rout? one that parallels the roads but is through the woods? or one that is a through wilderness without regards to the highway system? i know terrain, season, and mobility are issues. what do you guys & gals think? :feedback:
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    Paralleling the roads is likely to bring you in contact with groups preying on the road traffic. If you want to move undetected the wilderness is your best bet.

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  4. Sometimes you may not have a choice so be prepared for either route. But what Windwalker said is best.
  5. No, when the balloon goes up you'd better already be where you were planning on going. Especially if you'll be moving a mixed age/sex group, like a family. If ya get the chance take a long hard look at some of the refugee newsreels from WWII. I imagine you will not be the only ones leaving town. If only 10% of a major city takes off it'll be like 100,000 people on the move.