out with the old in with the new?

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    well i talked to a friend about getting a .204 and he asked why i need that when i have a .17hmr.... i said because i want longer ranges and its another toy to have. he said i should sell the .17 and get the .204, well i dont to sell it. i want to have both. whats your opinion on this?
  2. Risk factor . . .

    as the .204 is a very recent cartridge and the history of firearms is paved with good cartridge ideas that just did not catch on in the marketplace.
    The current market is saturated to the point many of the newer cartridges will basically not be here in two or three years.

    The .204 rifle may become a good rifle with a more and more expensive and hard to find cartridge.

    On the other hand, the .204 could get established in the marketplace.

    It is a risk you take with a new cartridge.

    Personally, my strategy is to wait for the cartridge to become established before I purchase a rifle to shoot it. At this point I would buy a .223 in a varmit/target barrel. However, it is your choice to make.

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    Yep, .223 and keep the 17HMR.
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    Go for the 204Ruger & enjoy it! when the horse drop's, bail off and saddle up another, this is what makes America so great! there's all those rifles just wateing for you to try & enjoy!
    I had a .225Winchester for a bit, It was a nice Model 70 push feed that performed good as it was a rimmed round "hopped up 220 swift"comparable to a 22-250Rem.
    Ive shot .58 flint muzzleloader,AK's, Double rifles & shot guns, Blackpowder cartridge rifles, .25acp hand gun, rubberband guns,Pumps,Lever's,single shots,spud guns, semi auto shot guns,darrengers, .50Derert Eagle,.45-70Govt Revolver, .22 calico carbine, all I have had at one time or another and traded off, the list is long & varied
    as they said in the Life breakfast Cerial commercial "Try It Youll Like it!"
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    The only person that could sugest waiting to purchase a .204 is the person that knows nothing about them and was never around one,or a henpecked husband that is afraid of his master.I also believe you should keep both.Some of my best varmint hunts are with a rimfire. sam.
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  7. I would absolutely get the .204 and keep the .17. The .17 is just too much fun to part with. And I will even throw a monkey wrench in here and say look at the new .17 fireball. Fun rifles are like Layes potato chips. You can't have just one.
  8. at best you get a good/great rifle. a worst you re-barrell with a .223 later and you still have a god/great rifle. P.S. don't sale the .17 HMR
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    ok iv decided im not selling the .17hmr, i love this gun way to much and its always nice to have alot of guns :)
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    I gotta love a fella who knows just how good the 25/06 is!!
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    iv hear alot about the 25-06 but iv never seen one....is this a deer cartridge? i cant hunt deer with rifles here (i hate ohio) but im lookin for a long range varmint gun
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    first off....keep the 17.

    Second off. On the same note, 17 hmr is a newer cartridge as well. I think both 17 hmr and 204 ruger are around to stay, if not, well that blows but stock up. That is what is happening to my 223 wssm. Actually it worked out for me that this round didn't take off because a store fairly close to home was doing anything possible to get rid of the ammo and i bought 10 boxes at 9 dollars a box. If 204 doesn't last (i absolutely think it will it is an amazing round) maybe this will happen to you.

    Either way the cost of ammo is always rising so there is no reason to not stockpile ammo either way.

    Get the 204. Keep the 17

    O yeah, i hate Ohio too, for hunting deer anyway, very stupid laws.

    25-06 is a good varmint/deer combo from what i know, never shot one but that is what i have heard and read. hopefully someone with experience with it can help you out more. I do belive 25-06 ammo is pricey if you don't reload stick with something more common such as 204, which is becoming quite common.
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