Outrageous Housing Conditions at Fort Bragg

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    A friend of mine put me onto this. Long story short: a company of Airborne troops just got back from a 15 month tour in Afghanistan. They came back to a barracks where the Army expects them to live that would be condemned in any welfare housing complex in America! Watch the video, it's ten minutes long, and then while your rage is boiling, write your Congressmen and Senators. Write the Commanding General at Bragg, too. Also the Army Chief of Staff. And be sure that you DEMAND something be done to fix this problem! Like move the senior officers into this barracks and make them stay there until everything is fixed.

    I was always taught that a soldier does not eat until he has cared for his equipment, particularly his rifle. I was taught that an officer doesn't eat until his men have been fed; and that he does not sleep until he has seen to it that his men are quartered as well as can be arranged in any circumstance in which they find themselves. I was taught that this is the mark of a good officer. Whatever happened to that ethos among the officers stationed at Fort Bragg?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46vYZFU1Dew]YouTube - Barracks for Charlie CO 2/508 82n Airborne[/ame]
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    I can imagine everything being contracted out these days by the military and this is just an example of the contractors hired. Put the blame on the shoulders of this administration. They've had control for the past 7 years and you can bet the next administration won't do any better either. Maybe McCain would do better as I'm sure his Hanoi Hilton room was probably just a little worse and he wouldn't wish these conditions on our servicemen. Or veterans for that matter.

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    Yep, they contract all this out now. I have stayed in barracks very similar to those so I would guess that this is more common than you think.
  4. That video started things moving; the Army allocated a ton of money for emergency upgrades worldwide in living quarters. A pity they had to shamed into it...
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    I moved off base in 1987 with none of the pay associated with being authorized to do so. I had zero cash, but a cool one bedroom apt in Tucson. The digs we had on base in Tucson were not that bad by barracks standards. I have been in some humdingers even in the AF We stayed in some wood things at Gila Bend that I think dated back to WWII, or was it the cavalry days? LOL. As bad as some of this gets, it's the life we choose. Please don't be too hard on the commanders. Iv'e never met a CC in any branch of the service who didn't want the best for thier troops. If it ever happened, better be a First Sergeant in his/her ***!
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    I wouldn't house enemy prisoners in that mess much less our heroes that just returned from 15 months duty in a combat zone.
  7. I moved into a barracks in FT Sam Houston in June of 69' that was almost as bad but it was the OLD style wooden two story type. We GI'd that place and painted it ourselves, replaced broken window panes and redid some bathroom fixtures and plumbing in five days. There wasn't as much mold problem but still was stinky and dirty. We sent out raiding/scrounging partys to liberate needed supplies and came up with a bunch of stuff.

    We were able to get a lot of stuff from Post Engineers but I imagine with the new system of contractors getting your own supplys is tougher. Every unit has a good scrounger as well as a supply sargeant with people who owe him for favors he has done them in the past.
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    This is sick. Make sure you start writing letters. Our soldiers shouldn't have to live this way.
  9. That was on the news a week or so ago. That same video and as T2K said, it got the ball rolling and got it rolling fast. Should have never gotten like that and you know friggin' well it didn't happen in the mere 15 months they were gone. It must have been that way for a while? Anyhow, there's no reason it should have ever gotten like that in the first place and no soldier past or present veteran or current should have to live or get care in those kinds of conditions.
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    It really bothers me that America doesn't care for her soldiers better, past and present. For what they give for this country, this country should give them something in return.
  11. Do any of you remember the old WWI barracks they were using at FT Jackson. I haven't been in one since '93 or '94. Man they were rough. We used to call them the barrio. For some reason the Hispanic soldiers seemed to be quartered there. I had a buddy that stayed there he said "I join the army come here from Texas and end up in a barrio in SC". Do they still use them? Our country always gives the SH#t sandwich to our most important citizens.
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    Yes it is a pity but it should never had happened in the first place.:hitwithrock:
  13. Just like the conditions at Walter Reed Hospital. It shouldn't have taken news coverage to get that cleaned up, either.

    I like your avatar, by the way. Tell Scotty to be careful; I may come try to steal you away just for being a woman with a sense of humor...
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    I can't count the number of WW2 barracks I lived in, during my time in service, but we took care of our own problems, back then. And when I got transferred to the Seabees, we took complete care of our living quarters. I ran a couple of on-the -job classes, where we took old buildings, with open bays, and turned them into two man rooms. Get the contractors out, and let the military take care of it's own. The people who get the contracts are greedy corner-cutters, who could care less about living conditions of our troops.
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    You got that right,seems some folks reasoning is that if the enemy lives in caves our troops should too!
    Kind of like the rationality of some folks that since folks overseas pay four or five bucks a gallon we should too!
    It all boils down to priorities of those in power.
    There is indeed a sucker born every miniute.
    A T-shirt I saw years ago sums it up nicely.
    "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers",judgeing by the bunch we have left to vote for after the primaries it rings true.:sad:

    Right on! But another thing to consider,what will happen to all that money? Dollers to donuts it will go the same way as the Katrina money!:burnout
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    Absolutely, we did our own repairs, remodeling with borrowed tools. Military Contractors do what-ever-they-need-to, to get the job, and milk out as much money as possible. I would still like to see a photo of what a $400.00 toilet seat looks like? Some of the black plastic toilet seats, in our and other squad bays.. were cracked. If one ever sat on a cracket toilet seat.....I need not explain further. Maybe this new $400.00 seat, is..... crack-free? :34:
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    Our latrines, over seas, were scummy, to say the least. The toilets were so close together, you rubbed knees with your fellow man. The urinals stunk to high heaven, and the drains in the middle of the floor would over-flow with all sorts of nasties. Our barracks at Fort Sill were quite good, as they were WWII era buildings. Nice and clean, and FUNCTIONAL. I remember the old WWII barracks at Fort Dix for entering the Army and ETSing. They were alittle rundown but still habitable.

    HARDERTR Guest

    I'm based out of Bragg....these conditions are more common than the Army will admit. Quality of living conditions is about as good as the quality of care we get at Womack hospital on base. You know it's bad when most of the nurses suggest you go off post for care if there is any way you can swing it.

    I think we've been pre-conditioned to just accept substandard conditions. With the military wasting so much money in areas that don't matter, we understand there isn't much left for our basic needs.... (yet another reason I am DONE when i hit the 20 year mark).
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    It's a cryin *** shame that our soldiers live i those conditions.'most as bad as a third world country.
    maybe if so much money wasn't spent on welfare programs that benefit illegal aliens our troops would be garunteed better things
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    bellx1 +1... When they're done with us, we just old baggage..I'm 100% disabled, not service-connected, but I can't get the local VA to even buy me an aspirin, or help with any bills..But the migrants and illegals get free medical, free housing, free transportation, free food, and whatever else they might need.