Outstanding service from Hi-Point....(snicker)

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    Bought a used 995 9mm Hi-Point carbine a couple months ago at a gunshow.

    Just finally got around to putting on the ATI stock I got for Christmas...the barrel shroud and TruGlo 40 mm red dot.

    But upon taking it apart both receiver covers bolts were messed up...
    One the threaded end where the holding nut goes on was stripped...the other...completely broke off.

    Needless to say I was very bummed (Hi-Point looks very cool with all the stuff on it) but it sucks not having it completed because of the receiver bolts.

    I contacted Hi-Point via email Monday and got a reply last night telling me to contact the factory and gave me a number to call.

    I called the number...told a very friendly service rep what I needed...she took down my name/address and said the bolts and nuts would be on there way at no charge...

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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Got the receiver cover bolts and nuts today after only just talking to them last night!

    Superfast service!

    Dam good people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I like the way you worded that. It ALMOST sounded like they came that way from the factory.

    I'm sure your Hi-Point success story will be ingored by the HPHS (Hi-Point Haters Society). I like rooting for the under-dog.... I'm glad to see there are still a couple of companies out there that go above an beyond when it comes to customer service.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    It was used...I suspect the 1st owner messed up the receiver cover bolts...gonna finish her up this weekend! :D
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    hehe the HPHS!! im part of that club!! but to tell the truth i realy like the carbines, just not the pistols its almost like they where made by two diffrent companys.....the only thoing they have in commen is the ugly factor.....
    p.s good to hear about them haveing good service!
  6. Actually, that is partly the case. Beemiller makes the carbine and another company makes some of the handguns, all marketed under the HiPoint name.
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    I really want the .45 carbine. I like the way yours looks with the scope. Have you shot it yet? If so how does it shoot?