Oval Office rug gets history wrong

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  1. grizcty

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    You gotta admit, this is kind of ironic!

    The Chosen one, wrote what/who he wanted on his rug.
    But the new rug, credits the WRONG author.

    No matter what his touches, or says.
    He still gets American history, WRONG!

    And I still think the Oval Office's "new look".
    Looks like a lobby, in in a hotel.

    Jamie Stiehm - Oval Office rug gets history wrong
  2. DWFan

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    Obama and history? Unless it's in the socialist rewitten version, I seriously doubt he has a clue. Remember, he also claims of "unprecedented efforts" in immigration enforcement.
    Trouble is that his "unprecedented effort", and most all others as well, pales in comparison to Eisenhower who literally rounded them up and sent them out of the country.
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  3. big shrek

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    Theodore Parker's ideals of government often ran with Thomas Jefferson's, and as such,
    would be anti-theitical to Obama ;)

    So he had to fake it as MLK's...
  4. Ballbearing

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    This tidbit of knowledge is an amazing reminder of the abolitionist movement, and an eye-opener as well. Thank God for people who still read books! With the advent of devices like the "kindle", paper pages and leather bindings may soon go the way of the dinosaur, and much knowledge, wisdom and truth may be forever lost in the shuffle.