Over population and collapse

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  1. Rex in OTZ

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    A old Rancher friend once said Boy your over grazin that piece of land
    your running more cow's than it can carry.
    Well folks we are now over grazeing our land and have er grubbed to the dirt we are like cattle in a feedlot a bunch of fat and pennd up critters fed our own waste, what will happen when the SHTF? first is allot of free range folks are going to look for good graze and grub it off, allot of overcrowding will lead to bad water and disease, killin off quite a few the weak ones then a turf battle will start with mostly city fellas and the few rural fellas "the have & have nots" eventually a equalibrium will settle in after awhile where everyone will get somthing to eat to survive, some that good farm ground is now residental urban sprawl infecting the land these day's & underneath a Walmart parking lot, the ole share croppers had it tough but they had stuff to eat and not nuch ground to work, the thought of slipping off to the hills is neat but there aint that much out there once several million hungery folks start looking for somthing to eat.
    There are a few smaller family farms still in existance across this country but for the most part allot of the land is bought up by large corp's "allot of Nebraska farm & ranch land is own'd by Prudental Group" and investment groups speculating in the farming area, hunting is a nice thought but reality is your going to have to grow somthing in order to survive once the electricty is off and the desiel runs out its going to be hard growing anything without chemicals and fertilizers no freezers and nothing to heat your homes with with Millions of folks looking for wood those forrests wont stand long.
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  2. Well I guess I better be looking for a Mule and a plow. I've got the land.
    What you said I have known all along.
    After becomeing a member here and discovering the SHTF Threads the times I went hunting I pretended for a while, which was just waiting for a Deer, Squirrel, Rabbit.
    The end result I would be hungrey alot !
    I did see a lot of bugs LOL But I'm not ready to forage for bugs yet.
    City dwellers will really have it bad.
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  3. The vast huge number of people will stand around waiting for Uncle Sugar to pass out food. There will be handouts until PIC (person/people in charge) decide they need to hold what they have to feed themselves and the Military. Most city folk will wait to long to get out. By that time, they won't have the ability or supplies to make it out into the country. I really doubt that the Military and Civil Gov't will let'm leave. The PIC will not want the hungry unwashed hordes sacking the country thus cutting off future food sources. If you live in the country, there could be a good chance that a Tax Collector will show up at your country place demanding 10% or more of your crops for PIC.
    BTW, look for a slow slid into the Sh*t, making it much harder to realize when it's time to flee the cities. I figure most folks will wakeup one morning and suddenly see that hard times have already fallen upon'm. We'll see.
  4. Rex in OTZ

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    City fellers

    I grew up going to country school, As a young fella fresh outta the sticks "I had to drive 18miles into high school" I was amazed by the arrogance & contempt of the townie kids twards the hay seeds & hicks, most us country kids turned townie to blend in with the odd town styles and mannerisms but not all us sold out, most them town kids couldent change a car tire, run a jug line or butcher anything, that is when I went thru my contemp for city looser's phase,
    Today those little snots are now the town council of where I went to school
    My Folks lost the 2900acre ranch when the bottom fell outta the beef market in the 1980's NAFTA pretty much gutted the small farm scene, I had to move on and get work where I could, I put in for job's to operate equipment but the arrogant city fellers said I hadent any documented experence, hell I drove my first tractor when I was 5yearold a Farmall H, us kids could shoot, break & ride horses, work cattle, farm, weld, carpentry,basic electricty &
    animal husbandry, but yet it took me 40years to turn on a computer.
    I worked some around the states at different trades and ended up here in Alaska, This place isant perfict by a long shot, Uncle has the deed to allot the prime relistate here, I dont seep ant urban sprall any time soon in these parts but for now nobody messes with me and I still can ride "mabe now not a horse" in one direction for miles & not see one single person or fence, there are still local fellas "we live in town here" here who get all worked up about outsiders moving in to live, I guess they call that progress, it'll beinteresting to see how it all un-ravels when the SHIF
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  5. REX
    Does half of Kotzebue still take off to fish camps in the " Summer " ? Got my last cold weather outer gear in OTZ coming off the slope for a look see.

  6. Rex in OTZ

    Rex in OTZ G&G Evangelist

    Livin in town

    Yes some folks still do, some even go out before breakup with the lund on the flat sled and waite for breakup in camp and hunt spring waterfoul.
    The high cost of gas is cutting in on the subsistance life here.

    Vermont? I knew a fella who worked the Hospital as a X-ray teck who had a gunshop here that was from that State.
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  7. SwedeSteve

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    There'll always be food, water, and wood available here. Medicine will not.
  8. It is . . .

    . . . logical X amount of cropland can support X amount of people.
    As you may know the new rice and wheat hybrids are not working out as they lack resistance to disease.

    Although I do not know who would do this or make the decisions the world needs a reduction of about 3 billion people to allow the oceans to once again be on the upswing and the land to produce in abundance for the living population. However, this decision may be made from war resulting from starvation. Few countries are simply going to starve out without making some type aggressive move.
  9. Rex in OTZ

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    New hybred wheat and rye have pretty bad track record as primary flower use in bread, it has to be blended by a 1/3 mix ratio.
  10. Turbo

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    AHHHH Natural selection is a wonderful thing. We need to bring it back to the human race.
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    I was watching CNN this AM and they were talking about China'a 1 couple 1 child law and the earthquake. They said that would keep the population at 1.4 billion instead of the predicted 1.7 billion. I'm not sure how they did the math but thats 300 million people. Guess what our population is?
    I'm sure that we can sustain ourselves if the idiots in Washington don't give it all away. I wonder what our economy would be like if we didn't have all the foreign aid.
  12. rondog

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    Meh, we'll have an asteroid strike one o' these days that'll flush a buncha humans off this rock, and it can all start over again. Bill Gates and Dick Cheney will survive.
  13. Rex in OTZ

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    The day's of dipping a bucket in the sea and pulling up cod is long gone Folks!
    The sea's are impacted as much as the land.
    It wasent all that long ago that Passenger Pigons darkend the sky's
    It would drive farmers nuts to now day's tolerate hoards of birds blackening the sky's
    it would impact the yeald on that corp that $5/gal diesel helped produce.
    No folks we are now dominating the Natural balance of nature its only a matter of time when she will bight down hard like earth quakes "China" Volcano's "Italy"
    Drought "parts of mid way USA" The North slope oil field we tapped back 20 years ago is diminishing in its yeald and the Chickens is coming home to roost folks all we need to do now is something stupid like start some trouble with China or Iran.
    Its time we pull in our horns and start playing it smart we cannot keep throwing around our weight for much longer, the voters will have to weed out the teat sucking weenies running the show now.
  14. Turbo

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    Iran is a no contest, unless they are able to go nuclear or go to UW on us. China would be able to wage a war of attrition. but off their own shores? Not so much.
  15. Rex in OTZ

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    Problem is after running the mile next event we have to run the 880 relay too.
    Coach were pooped!
  16. Ethiopia on today's news

    More starvation now moving into the adult population.

    This is not a political post. It is just a headline from today's news.
  17. Rex in OTZ

    Rex in OTZ G&G Evangelist

    Alaska Public Radio todays program (Call in Alaska) was the sustainability of our natural resources as we are quickly out stripping the supply.
  18. I know what you mean where I live in Northern IL there are malls and homes where very big farms stood and it takes almost 2 hours to make a trip that took a half hour to 45 min.
  19. I think that before long we will be in a huge amount of trouble. But I think the lord will come before it gets too awful.
  20. Rex in OTZ

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    Its getting funkey and I dont like how things are going the way they are now, the problem is there is big business and good business, right now big business has spread its tenticals into allot of areas better off left small and isolated from all others, smaller businesses usally when they went outta business they only impacted the area they were located, now with nation wide companys running Farms , shopping center chains, meat packing companys when somthing goes wrong it impacts folks across the country, meat recalls in California thru the middle west, banking colapses, I think the country should be more compartamentalized so like a big ocean going ship is a little damage is incurred the whole ship isant lost due to the water tight compartments, sickness wouldent be spread so widely due to commuters that have to travel outside there neighborhoods to work, bread baked on the other end the state or outta state alltogether, goods produced in overseas countrys that produce products that may bear unsafe items/disease mainlined into our countrys store shelves, fresh produce grown abroad, Kiwiys & grapes grown in Chile, nope what ever happened to small farms and ranches that dident impact the envirments as much as the investment corp run farm factorys do today, the sattilite view of the sand hills in the middle west (mid america) show center pivot irrigation systems that were not there in the 1960's & 1970's that now just pump more nitrogen on the corn to get it to grow now which now seeps thru the watertable contaminating the water supply allot of homes now have to have distillers to have safe drinking water, my uncles in norther nebraska had mentioned that there wernt the small birds like there was when they was kids all the cat birds, wrens, barn swallows, finches and phesants are all rarely seen, how many places now farm grow phesants to have something to shoot during hunting season now? with large factory farms pumping on the insecticide's and herbicides to get bigger yealds they are abuseing the lands like never before, a few years back most the smaller ranches that existed when I was a kid are a memory the old farm stead tree belts planted when the land was settled are cut off for pallet wood and the land tilled from ditch to ditch leaving less habitat for wild life than ever before, still we import foods from other countrys, in the 1970's we were a major ex-porter of grains world wide, now the old cypress swamps have beem cleard off and all the small share cropper steads have been consolidated into vast rice paddy's all the way up into Missouri, feedlots cover miles no longer just a few acres, what odes all the waste go? too much in a confined space. I just bought a 1# box of 16b framing nails that were banged out in China, what has the worl come to when you dont even use nails produced in your own country?