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    I'm currently looking into getting into coyote hunting. I was watching a hunting show the other night on television and saw that one of the hunters had a savage 223/ 12 gauge over under rifle. I looked through the savage website and didnt see one. I was also wondering if any other manufactuers make these types of guns in 22.250-12 gauge . Thanks
  2. I saw one of those type guns it was a custome indian rifle for huting tigers. It had a large calibur I havent ever heard of on top and a 12 guage below. The hunter said the 1st barrel was for the tigers the 2nd barrel was for anything that jumps out at you in the jungle or something like that. It was pretty cool.

  3. Remington SPR 94-not sure what combinations are offered on the rifle bit shotgun is 12 Ga.
  4. There are a few Savage 24F s in distributers but they are out of production. We still get special orders for them but can make no promis's.
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    Combination guns

    There are other makers of combination guns, mostly in Europe. I had a Perugini & Visini at one time and I know Krieghoff makes one. You might not like the price though. :D
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    At one time in Europe, a style of firearm called the Drilling was popular for hunting. It was a three-barrelled gun, two over, one under. If you imagine a side by side shotgun with a rifle barrel underneath, that's pretty close. They were all custom guns; the buyer would specify what bore shotgun barrels and what caliber of rifle shell he wanted. The ones I've seen a superlative examples of gunmaker's art, with exquisite wood and tasteful engraving.

    The don't quite fall into the "If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it" category, but they are definitely not for the hoi polloi. They are/were meant for use by gentlemen hunters and nobles, not peasants.
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    Winchester made a combi once as well. Extremely beautiful firearm. I think it was .308/12ga. Savage still makes the M24 in various confiurations. I recently bought a used 22LR/.410. There was a 223/12ga in the shop as well. It sold. Now there's a 22LR/20ga. $290, used.
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    I used to own a Savage M24 in 30/30 // 20ga and they are nice rifles. I sold mine when I got my Valmet combination though. I've not seen the M24 on the Savage web site for some time, I'm not sure if they are still produced new. I thought that Remington might be adding a combination to their lower priced European line formerly known as EAA and guess what????
    Well, here it is!
    Remington Model SPR94™ Shotgun/Rifle Combo

    Looks like a 12/223 combo is available at what should be a VERY good price. I own a very similar gun, double rifle in .308 and it's a pretty nice gun. Good Luck!
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