Oxford, song I wrote. Slated to be on CD..Hope it helps your situation bro..

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    "Break Down Lane" (true story) -all rights reserved and all that other stuff.

    She got the call in Laredo. They said, Your Daddy's sick girl you'd better come on."

    She jumped in that car and gave it the gas.

    She made a call from San Antone, they said, "Easse off the gas girl; your Daddy's gone."

    The doctors said there was nothing they could do. Just get here in one piece; you know your Momma needs you.

    CHORUS She went flyin' down interstate 35. Pedal to the metal, tears in her eyes.

    She cussed the name of God, though she knows it ain't right.

    What can she do? What can she say?

    The Lord needs another angel...takes her Daddy away.

    She broke down, but it wasn't in the break down lane.

    I got a call one night on the road. I was, chasin' pavement thru New Mexico.

    Nine months expecting came three weeks too soon.

    They said, "It's alright, everything's fine. Just turn that rig around boy and cross state lines."

    "You've got a baby boy and he looks just like you...."

    Chorus2 I went flyin' down interstate thirty fiive. Pedal to the metal; tears of joy in my eyes.

    I praised the name of God for this brand new life.

    What can we do? What can we say?

    He gives us new life, then takes one away.

    I broke down; but it wasn't in the break down lane.

    (Bridge) Well old life breeds new life. And that we cannot change.
    ........Did you ever ponder upon his Grace?

    We're all flyin' down interstate 35. Some are filled with joy. Some have tears in there eyes.

    Some curse the name the name of God, but I praise his name.

    What can we do? What can we say?

    Regardless of it all........His mercy is great.

    We break down but we never use the break down lane...

    Yeah, we break down, but we never use the break down lane.
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    Thanks for a beautiful song, Oneastrix.


    Thanks for taking time to write that song. I'll print it off and keep it as a momento. I appreciate what you've done. Tonight I'm just not in the mood to write but just want to sit and reflect.

    Tomorrow's got to be a brighter day. I've got lots to be thankful for and have been blessed in life. Don't have to look far to find someone who's hurting more. Can't wait for tomorrow because I know the sunshine will help.


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    You're a good person. Print it off, no prob. You'll have the real mccoy in a month or so bro....... I worte it in two parts. My father in law passed away, and I watched my wife cry from Laredo, TX to the TX Panhandle as we drove up for the funeral.

    I wasn't really in NM when my boy was born, but it just came to me one day to include it. The rest is just true emotion.

    You'll pull thru......
  4. Next time you play this song for an audience dedicate it to our mentor and freind Oxford.
    1* great lyrics.

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    Nice song 1*, very nice!
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    1* needs to come out of hiding and hit us up with some new songs.

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    Wheres the geetar chords so's I kin play it? :)