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    Last week I visited my brother and nephew near Marion, KS. Between work projects we headed to my nephew's favorite target shooting area...out in the pasture next to a hill...with a fast moving creekfull of water moving before us. We set up the shooting table and placed targets approximatly 100 yards away before moving them in to around 50 yds. For sure, my accuracy was terrible...but we had one great time firing away with several different rifles. My favorite's to use were my nephew's AR-15 and my little .22 Henry lever rifle.

    To end the two hour shooting session we threw cow pies into the fairly fast moving water of the creek and blasted them into small pieces with these same guns.

    Now that is what I call a fun day at the range in Kansas.

    P.S. My nephew has recently retired form his 25 year career in Kansas as a State Trooper and has spent much of the past 15 years in charge of firearms training for troopers, and others, to complete their firearms training requirments. He is currently running for Sheriff of Marion County.

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  2. Cool pics ox,ill say one thing mate.I know how old you are and you must be in pretty good nick man.You dont look your age.Would have been some fun for you having a shot with your kin.And its the second time ive seen pics posted by you.Good stuff.

  3. Thanls OX I enjoyed the pictures too ! Looks like a nice setting yall had to shoot at.
    How did the Henry do ?
    Very nice ...A.H
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    Thanks for sharing Ox.
  5. Midas

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    Very nice pics Ox!
  6. cool pics

    but your using a stand.....cheater (jk)
  7. Good pix Ox.:biggthumpup: Thanks for postin' them
  8. Great pics and story OX. I like the fact you are shooting into the side of the hill as well. Im very big on safety.
  9. Oxford

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    Irish: I'm the guy with the Black & Blue KC ball cap on. My nephew, Rob, was wearing the white ball cap and wearing the KBI T-shirt. The guy leaning on the back side of the pickup was my brother, Norman.

    A.H.: That Henry .22 lever action was a lot of fun to shoot...but forget about much accuracy at 100 yds. When I moved in to around 50 yds the target was in danger of getting hit.(ha)

    The AR-15 Bushmaster was the "real deal." It was practically new and we gave it a good workout when it was firing on full auto. And talking about being loud...we definitely needed ear protection from it's sound. I'm gonna have to get me one of those for my home protection device. It's a good thing Rob does his own reloading, too.

    Jerry: It's not like duck hunting...but fun anyway.

    Midas: Who needs a gun range here in the midwest.(ha)

    stalebiscuit: The table shown was a homemade shooting stand and the gun supports were, too. However, I needed more than those to improve my accuracy:)

    jimkim: It's not like your "mudding" with trucks...but when we go shooting here in the midwest it's often times out in the country just because it's available and most farmers will allow us to do that if we act decently and don't shoot their cattle.(ha)

    Capt'n Mil Coll: Safety has to be the number one consideration when handling guns. I share your concern as well. That hill would have been a dangerous place to have been, though. It got shot many times with rounds from our Henry .22, .223 rifle, AR-15 Bushmaster and I believe Rob used a couple of other rifles, too.

    But...the cow pies floating down the creek were disintegrated. We took no enemies.(ha)
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    Hey Ox, I'm a bit late, but great pics! Looks like yya'l had a good time. And I use shooting aids, myself, so stale can suck an egg! LOL! Us older guys got the right to do what we need to do, hear me, Stale? We can't see as well as we used to, and we can't hold 'em as steady as we used to. Glad to see one of us had fun, lately!!
  11. toolman

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    Congrats on a fun day Ox! It's good to see ya posting too, I haven't seen ya around much lately.
  12. Oxford

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    Seabeescotty: I'll admit to needing all the gun aids possible in order to hit a target. Age makes us wonder what's happening when we try to do things we used to do easily. Plus, I need all the waivers possible to explain why my target was practically uninjured.:) Besides that...I seldom need to replace targets after they've been shot at.:AR15firing:

    toolman: I'm still kicking arse.:buttkick: Just been doing some other things now that spring is nearly here...like getting ready for fishing season...and going turkey hunting.
  13. Seabeescotty

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  14. Windwalker

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    Thanks for the pics. Looks like y'all had a fun day.
  15. Brother Bob

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    I envy you! LOL! I haven't been shooting in months. Glad you had a good time.:)
  16. I know which one you are buddy.
  17. billy

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    slinging a lil hot lead is good for the soul.
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    Thanks for the pics--looks like y'all had a great time. Been to the range 2X in 2 days so life is good in TX.

    Shooting at cow pies ! Haven't thought of that, but gives a whole new meaning to shooting the s.......

    Have fun !
  19. Oxford

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    TXplt: Cow pies are baked at the air temperature of the pasture. They better if they're crusty on both sides. They range in size from 6"-12" diameter and can be identified most accurately by smell.:wink1:

    One feature of cow pies is that they can be slung a long distance if done correctly, even farther than experienced politicians have set records before.

    When those cow pies float down the river it's like shooting in an arcade. You gotta be fast or you're going down the creek.

    So...we left the pasture with a few less cow pie targets...but they'll re-appear like mushrooms. Suddenly overnight when those cows find a clear place to lie down to gaze at the stars...they'll rise the next morning at daybreak and build more pies.

    Now you know more about cow pies than you ever wanted.
  20. TXplt

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    LOL ..... !

    Think I'll stick with skeet when I'm slinging stuff.....although I've told a few yarns at times myself--A TX pilot talking about shooting, fishing, or flying combines a significant ability to stretch the truth just a wee bit at times (never on par with an experienced politician though, and, unlike some politicians, I can still tell the difference).

    Cheers :)