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  1. tippmann7

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    anyone going to the 2008 ozzfest? i am definetly going, i said that last year but this year i am for sure because my favorite band slipknot is supposed to play at it!

  2. publius

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    Um...I don't think so..

  3. CalifgirlinOk

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    I'm not much into listening to that kind of music.But have fun and be careful..!!!
  4. FS00008

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    Hey man, really wanted to go this year but I'm not able to.
  5. I guess since last year's "free" Ozzfest was a major flop, they are going to pull the big names back again and charge to get in. I will pass though.
  6. Snowman

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    I went a few years ago when it was in Denver. Absolute worst show I've ever been to. I was like a 10 yr old arranged everything.
  7. i hate crappy metal, no thanks

    and ozzy sucks, no offense either, but its true
  8. tippmann7

    tippmann7 G&G Enthusiast

    im going to the mayhem fest in august also, SLIPKNOT and DISTURBED
  9. .........ya
  10. Bravo

    Bravo G&G Newbie

    I would go just to hear Zakk Wylde shred on the guitar.

    Aside form that, it really isn't my thing.

    To get a better idea about my taste of music, I'm going to see BB King next week, Clapton next month, and Foreigner the month after that.

  11. i liked what you were saying until you got to foreigner

    hey, its yalls ears not mine, and i know for a fact that many people would think my music sucks....i just cant help being a music elitist, its in my blood
  12. NRAJOE

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    Hey tippmann7...I go through Attica everytime I go see the in-laws in Willard.
  13. I grew up on Black Sabboth and the feller has gotton to old !!! And me too !!!
    I don't care nuddin about see'in that fried brain old fart !!! LMAO !!!
  14. well, i grew up on misfits (sorta)

    but look what happened to danzig (his first cd, not bad, but the rest....kinda lame...ya)
  15. Midas

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  16. sh4d0ww4rri0r

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    I saw Disturbed and System of A Down at the Ozzfest in '06. They were pretty good. But then again, it wasn't free.
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  18. Bravo

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    Lol, I know, I'm a blues rock guy, but the foreigner tickets were dirt cheap, and they're for the 4th row, so I couldn't refuse. :D

    Plus, their drummer is the son of a drumming god. (John Bonham's son Jason Bonham. John = Led Zeppelin Drummer)
  19. tippmann7

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    realy, whos your in-laws, theres a good chance iv heard of em, not to many people here or there (im from willard originaly)