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  1. Jesse

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    I just noticed that Allan Schisel has a lot of P-14 enfields for sale around $300.00... Allan is a super nice guy and has a great selection of C&R rifles and handguns.


  2. Shaun

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    Thanks Jesse these make good project rifles I will be posting pictures of mine before anf after the changes next week when the rifle gets here on the fed ex truck

  3. taras

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    To the best of my knowledge one of my rifles is a P14, so I will be looking forward to seeing the pictures. Any idea where to pick up a butt-stock plate in Canada, or do we need a special license for those too. Seriosly I don't know if we can import parts, and I do mean any parts with these ridiculous new laws.
    I am not new to shooting, and hunting, but am new to the Enfields, kind of addictive aren't they?
  4. taras, try springfield sporters, or the old west scrounger if he is still in business(havn't seen his ad in a long time) or a show in the U.S. if you get down this way. Mine still shoots great for a 80+ year old rifle...
  5. taras

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    Thanks for the tip

    Thanks for the tip Rem.303 Mine could still thread a needle as well which ain't bad for a gun that saw action in at least two world wars. I have a few nicks and indentations on the bayonet receiver, and a very small hairline crack on the stock. I figure it just adds character. the cap for the hole in the buttstock is broken off, and believe it or not, a former owner filled it in with of all things an old fashioned bingo chip. Since this is obviosly not original, I have had to file a small protrusion down, where the flip open hinge was. I want to keep it as original as possible with as few replacements as possible. It's just to bad so many of these fine guns are being confiscated and melted down for scrap metal, just 'cuz some poor bugger didn't feel like putting up with our new Can gun laws.
  6. wes

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    I have two 1917 enfields,one original and the other slightly sporterized,('bout 4"cut off the barrel) both are fine rifles and real tackdrivers.